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Following a series of murders, Billy becomes a suspect when he is found at Sidney's house with a cellphone shortly after she is taunted on the phone and attacked by a masked killer. The killer is revealed as both Billy and Stu, who admit to having killed Maureen and framed Cotton for the act. When she refuses to answer, Ghostface chases her down and kills her, leaving her hanged from a tree and disemboweled. He then tries to take revenge on Sidney for his false imprisonment, noting that the evidence points to him being an innocent victim. Chance of Murder When a woman sleeps with a beloved local weatherman but wakes up to find him dead, she is charged with his murder.

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Scream Billy Loomis is a Woodsboro teenager, the boyfriend of Sidney Prescott and an avid fan of horror films. In some versions Barnard is hanged, or kills himself, or finds his own infant son dead in his wife's body. He was identified by Sidney, who found her mother's body after seeing someone she believed to be Cotton leaving her home.

Billy then reveals himself to be the killer, having feigned the injury in the first place, with Stu confessing to be Billy's accomplice. During a party at Stu Macher's home, Billy and Sidney are reconciled and have sex, before Billy is stabbed by Ghostface. Loomis kills Derek and Hallie, she intends to frame Cotton for the recent murder spree, but he attacks and stabs her to death. He and Sidney stab each other, but their fates have not been revealed.

Lord Barnard and his men ride to his home, where he surprises the lovers in bed. He sees Lord Barnard's wife, the fairest lady there, and realises that she is attracted to him.

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Deputy Sheriff Dewey Riley investigates the murders, while news reporter Gale Weathers follows the story. Many versions omit one or more parts of the story. Shawn finds a way into the case by becoming a consultant to the defense. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece Shawn and Gus crash a high society wedding in order to recover the stolen priceless antique engagement ring before the ceremony ends.

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When Cotton refuses to tell, Ghostface kills him. During the film, the fictional town of Woodsboro is again attacked by a murderer, who particularly targets Sidney Prescott, Maureen's daughter. Walls was instead cast in the minor role of Steve Orth. Scream film Scream is the first film in the Scream series.

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Lord Barnard tells Musgrave to dress because he doesn't want to be accused of killing a naked man. Later after a series of attacks, Billy is revealed to be alive and tries to help Sidney, obtaining in the process a gun which he then uses to shoot Randy Meeks. He and his girlfriend Christine are attacked by the latest Ghostface, who demands to know the whereabouts of Sidney Prescott after she goes into hiding. When she answers incorrectly, Steve is disemboweled and she is asked another question to save her own life. After receiving a taunting and threatening phone call, she is ordered to answer horror film trivia questions to save the life of her boyfriend, Steve.

She invites him to spend the night with her, and he agrees when she tells him her husband is away from home. Sidney then kills them both. With help from Gale, Sidney manages to kill both Billy and Stu.

In Scream it is revealed that Maureen was having an affair with Cotton before she was murdered by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher, who then planted evidence to frame Cotton. He later saves Sidney when she is about to be murdered by Mrs.

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