Who is aubrey o day dating may 2019

Who is aubrey o day dating may 2019

She dispelled rumors ofShe used to live with herThis left O'Day in tears and

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This, along with what viewers saw as natural charisma, helped endear her to become a consistent favorite among judges and fans. After break up with him, the she was dating with American singer, songwriter, producer and model Donnie J. Aubrey was found in in making the Band, established by P.

She doesn't have a husband yetRecently she continues her

She doesn't have a husband yet. She used to live with her parents that include her father, mother, and siblings. This left O'Day in tears and contemplating to quit the show before eventually being fired by Trump. She dispelled rumors of ever having plastic surgery or dating boss Sean Combs. Recently, she continues her solo career with Shanell Woodgette and producer Maestro, to record a new adaptation of the hit Party All the Time.

In mid, there were rumors that Danity Kane would be reuniting. It eventually caused Arsenio Hall to lash out on her in the show's boardroom segment, berating her with the unanimous support of his team, particularly Clay Aiken. She has also been nominated for many awards functions. She later agreed to be the covergirl for Playboy for the March issue.