We are dating u kiss and girl's day eng sub

We are dating u kiss and girl's day eng sub

Lady Dee rides the big double-ended dildo deeper and deeper into poor Zafira's wet cunt in and out until Zafira gives up. Both women separately prepares alone for their fight. The licking position is too much for the cheated wife Zafira. So, Lady Dee grabs a long double-ended dildo and forces Zafira to open her stockings-clad legs, both legs wide open for a double dildo fucking competition. Lady Dee forces the moaning wife Zafira to a competitive tribadism sexfight, then even pulling Zafira's nipples, rubbing clits closely.

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Zafira feels her orgasm slowly coming but Zafira tries to fight back her orgasm. Mariko Tsukamoto, a year-old housewife and mother of two.

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This is the first foreign member in the group. First Zafira takes advantage of Lady Dee, who is still surprised by Zafira's slutty outfit.

Their double-dildo fucking contest is extremely painful for the wife Zafira who starts moaning and whimpering, knowing she is close to her orgasm. The sexfight is about to begin. The promotion was later canceled by DefStar Records amid concerns about possible violations of antitrust laws. The wife Zafira offers and bets all her money if Lady Dee will win and beat her.

Sexfight till the end The video begins with Zafira calling at the phone Lady Dee, challenging her husband's mistress to a final last ultimate sexfight battle. Lady Dee agrees and tells Zafira she will come and meet her in five hours in her house. Zafira totally collapses and falls down on the ground, exhausted by her forced orgasm.

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Zafira opens Lady Dee's bathrobe and takes her bathrobe off her body, stripping her and leaving her completely nude. Lady Dee inserts Zafira's small poison dildo deep into Zafira's tight vagina from behind. Zafira cums slowly but hard, she screams out her last orgasm too loudly and with a last final orgasm. Zafira looks experienced, and slowly overcomes Lady Dee.

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Zafira cums again to a very painful orgasm as she feels the toxic poison hurting her vagina and flowing from the small dildo into her pussy. The poor old cheated wife Zafira desperately tries to hold back her final ultimate orgasm, knowing that if she will come now she will lose their ultimate sexfight battle.

She is truly determined to finish off Lady Dee with the toxic poison dildo and give her a last fatal orgasm now to finish her off. No taboos, until the loser of their sexfight will be finished off with a small toxic poison dildo, forced to a last orgasm by the winner. The top eighty candidates were ranked in five groups of sixteen. Zafira walks to her husband's mistress Lady Dee and tells her she will her with her toxic poison dildo in front of their shared lover.

The cheated wife Zafira fights back as best as she could but Lady Dee sexually abuses and humiliates poor Zafira in front of Zafira's husband. Poor Zafira comes again and breaks down on the ground. Lady Dee slides the small dildo into Zafira from behind her, grabbing Zafira's hairs and riding the small dildo in and out of Zafira, deeper and deeper. Lady Dee is powerless, and comes first, crying out heavily her orgasm.