Virtual City 3

Re-route the two already driving buses and let them only stop at the airport and the upper medium hotel. Add the building to the route of both buses. Build a medium office next to the restaurant. Walkthrough Guide Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional. However, if you are bringing people, others will leave the club, restaurant, etc.

Virtual Villagers 3 The Secret City Walkthrough

Virtual City 3

Buy three buses, let them go to one hotel each. As the plastic factory is sitting so close to the oil derrick you will fast have a huge amount of oil there. Build on the empty space below the right office a theater. Get one of the buses from the right side and re-route it to the left bus stop an the left office. Build a small office near the living area bottom left.

Buy buses and upgrade all to red. Upgrade the living areas until you have between residents. Drop your Master Doctor in the completed bath.

The Puzzles

It doesn't let you build anything to increase your income. When you have enough money, build a big office on the space in front of the garage. Demolish a house across and build a fabric factory there as soon as you can afford it.

Build a bus stop in the living area top right, at the far left street across the three houses. Build the cosmetic fabric next to the oil derrick. Add the building to the route of both buses and the dump truck.

Virtual Villagers 3 The Secret City Walkthrough

Build as many big houses as possible near this bus stop. Upgrade the buses to yellow.

If you have trouble getting to the lift before it starts to go up, you may wish to pause the game with the spacebar when you see the rain start before finding a villager. Add the building to the bus routes. On Alaska Tok I have all the up grades.

Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort - Walkthrough Tips Review

Build a fire station and tech stations. There need to be either an upgrade or even another office. The bus routed to the low right also should stop at the club. Can someone please help me? Build tech stations and a fire station.

Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort

If too much buses are reaching the airport the same time, this might cause waiting times. Build a restaurant, fitness center or club next to the supermarket.

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The Puzzles

Buy a third bus, route it to the left office and the fitness center. Buy new buses, spread them evenly in the living areas, route them all as the existing buses. Both should serve the bus stop in the upper part of the living area. Does anyone know how to get the factory to continue to produce oil?

Build a small office near the living area and route all buses to this new office. Route both buses to the fitness center. Actions are completed with a simple click of a mouse. Buy a bus, let it go to the new hotel, and upgrade it to yellow.

Water, Rail, even Flight can be good ways of moving goods and materials over long distances, but within the confines of a single city transportation like that is dependent upon trucks. Its the last one I need to get to complete them all. As soon as you can afford it, build a club, restaurant or fitness center.

Both living areas have to be updated completely. Build right next to the airport one entertainment center and bring there with few buses tourists from the airport. Build a fire station and hospital left above the houses.

The visuals have certainly been upgraded with the new buildings and the like, and the backgrounds are filled with lovely details that catch the eye. Upgrade all factories as far as possible to increase your income. Go to the living area top right and build additional houses. Screenshot Building Placement It is not that important where to build the cosmetic chain, just make sure that the cosmetic factory isn't too far away from the supermarket.

Add all new buildings to the dump truck's route. Upgrade both buses to the second star. Build the gold factory, steel mill and microchip factory left below the bridge and connect them all to the main street. Upgrade the hotels in the lower part to second star, in the upper part to max. Just, you know, try to avoid the teamsters if possible.

Build a second bus stop in the upper living area on the right side, upgrade the houses completely and route a red bus from this bus station to the supermarket. An eco-friendly environment is not enough to raise the happiness value. Build a second medium office across the street of the first one. Build a second entertainment building across the left office and add it to the bus routes.

With two offices of jobs, you can never achieve a job rating. Buy a dump truck and add dumpster and buildings to its route. After I've done the entire spoiler, I never get past business rating.

Use this in-depth Virtual Villagers Walkthrough to help successfully guide your villagers through this entertaining sim game. As the game progresses you will be faced with longer and more complex chains to create more complex goods, lord shiva chalisa mp3 as well as other challenges to bring the current city or town up to snuff. Drop a villager on those ghosts and the mystery of the secret city will be revealed!

Only when there is enough pie, enough visitors will come. Build fire station and tech stations. Does the local populace need something to eat?