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The heart inside the card pops up when you open the card. We all experience times when we feel down and face challenging circumstances. Once you see the prototype, you are encouraged to offer feedback. This is a card for a graduate.

There are people in our lives who offer us a wonderful role model. This card is for those individuals who touch our lives by being thoughtful, loving, and caring, to let them know how much we appreciate them.

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The hug adds an element of fun and an emphasis of appreciation. Moving Messages then works to create a sample prototype for you. Personal Cards These cards demonstrate a variety of moving and pop-up techniques.

The message lets them know how much you appreciate their support and what a gift they are to you. By rotating the circle, different words magically appear. The front of the card replicates the front of their business card.

The lines on the front are made of ribbon and woven through the card. Because the program focuses on food, I used food as the theme to demonstrate the transformation that the clients go through.

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The Executive Director wanted a card to give to the graduates of their programs. This card is intended for individuals who take the time to listen and truly understood to let them know how much you appreciate them. The hair stylist wanted a special card to send to new clients to let them know she appreciated their business. Music Teacher A music teacher wanted something special to give to his students at their holiday recital.

Don't move without a job in hand. Wishes, messages and quotes for a card or greeting. By turning the tab on the front, the image magically changes. When the card is opened, the box pops up with a handmade bow on top.

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By pulling the tab, the flap flips opens to show what is underneath. There are individuals who provide us with new insights by asking challenging questions and introducing us to new ideas. There are people who go above and beyond.

This is a card for a person who has been there for you through good times and bad. Pricing Card prices vary depending on customization and order size. Chief Seattle Council had a capital campaign to raise funds to build a new dining hall at one of their camps.

Message From American Moving

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This card lets those people know the difference they make to us and how much we appreciate their example. The spiral pops up when you open the card. This is a card that acknowledges the good job that someone has done and leaves room to write a personal note.