Tenten vs hinata yahoo dating

Tenten vs hinata yahoo dating

Ever since he beat Neji, she can't stop thinking about him. Naruto scratches the back of his head awkwardly. They stand up guiltily as soon as they see Tenten rushing in. Sakura and Ino exchange nervous, but not surprised looks.

KyuubiGoku Naruto notices

People seem to completely disregard the why and how of Shika's victory. Another genin spoke looking at Ino.

She'll make it, we know it. She blushed heavily thinking about the day that he had asked her to be his girlfriend. They both did not know what to expect from their friends. We think he has a pretty serious head injury of some kind.

Naruto scratches the backSakura and Ino exchange nervous but

Everyone was taken back by those words. Naruto feels like he must have searched everywhere around the rubble and remains of the Village Hidden in the Leaves looking for his girlfriend, to no avail. They both leaned against a tree calming their beating hearts.

KyuubiGoku Naruto notices Tenten, who has lots of love for him. Naruto runs up to Neji enthusiastically. Tenten rolled her eyes as Naruto just had a big grin on his face.

Ever since he beat Neji she

They had arrived at the village gate mere minutes upon seeing shadows coming from the far distance. He could feel her heart beating on top of his as their kiss had turned into a very deep embrace of their lips.

We're aaaaaall okay now Naruto, we're aaaaaall fiiiiine. Everyone was whispering about how lucky the blond was to have a girlfriend. We know she's obtained chuunin.

Naruto had two pretty serious-looking cranial contusions. Don't worry about it, I'll just keep looking.

But she's only ruffled her feathers. Oh dear, he thinks, Lady Hinata will be devastated. Neji's eyes widen in surprise at seeing the newly dubbed Hero of the Leaf run up to him with no apparent injuries, save for a couple of bumps on his head. All the genin had appeared one by one along with their senseis who were overjoyed to be home. She put her hands on his face trying to bring control of the kiss back to her side, bit to no avail could she.

Naruto runs up

Girlfriend, a naruto fanfic

They stand up

One person broke the silence. Looking at him with a smile on her face she had responded.

It's not that she's gotten confidence. With a hint of nervousness Naruto tried to talk. Everyone left except one genin. All the genin ran with full force up to the two lovers. His eyes become red, his fingers elongating into wicked claws.