Kim So Hyun says she felt the need to date after filming romance with Taecyeon

Taecyeon and sohee dating

He afirmed that he is scared of dating celebrities. The rumor came because they wore pairing rings, however, they denied those rumors and said that the rings were different. After filming a music video together, the two sat next to each other during their flight back home. He was described as tall and handsome.

Kim So Hyun says she felt the need to date after filming romance with Taecyeon

However, his fans assume that the rumor has no credibility because she had a boyfriend at that time. The singer also stated that figure is not very important for him. In the group he is the main rapper and his color is green.

Since he likes to eat, he says he wants his girlfriend to eat a lot. Out of all the rumors, the ones that tend to spread the most are ones related to dating.

He seems to concentrate on pursuing his career as a singer and actor. Introduction He is a rapper, a singer, a dancer and an actor in South Korea.

But of course I have an ideal type of the woman who gets married with me. Both of their labels denied the rumors but this is definitely one of the couples we wish had been confirmed as having a real life relationship. He believes that marriage will be the first and last biggest event in his life.

The singer also stated that figure

Whether it was an onscreen romance only, many fans were still hoping to see this pair end up together off screen as well. In an industry that is very superficial when it comes to appearances, Lee Gook Joo shows that she has a lot of undeniable charms which attracted her flower-boy ex-boyfriend. Once, he even tweeted a picture of them holding hands.

Netizens began investigating the rumors and found pictures and posts that they claim are proof of their relationship. They said the two artists were nothing more than close friends and get along very well, as do the rest of their artists in the company. He said that he likes girls that can eat well any kind of food, are confident and can speak some English as sometimes he expresses himself better in English than in Korean.

However his fans

Both agencies denied this rumor though. Despite their denials, many people still thought there was an obvious chemistry between the two and that they were secretly dating.

In the group he is the