Switched at birth daphne dating divas

Switched at birth daphne dating divas

When Nikki then tells Toby that she is leaving for to work in Peru, Toby proposes, and she accepts. She is shown to be a talented graffiti artist. After doctors attempt to save his life, he is declared brain dead and the decision to take him off life support rests with the family. In the third-season premiere, Bay starts her senior year and her first day at a new college art class.

She and Bay try to figure out how to reverse it. Later, Emmett tells Bay about the kiss between Noah and Daphne.

Angelo is arrested due to an outstanding warrant in Italy and faces deportation. She gives her speech at graduation, and then goes with Bay to turn herself in. John and Regina are even seen to get along, despite John's longstanding resentment toward Regina over her keeping quiet about Daphne's true parentage. Wedding plans for the two are made during the second half of Season two.

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Ty returns in the second half of season two, resulting in their resuming their relationship. He comes to appreciate Regina and her place in their lives. Unlike Melody, he takes a carefree approach to parenting his son, while causes problems between him and his ex-wife, as she believes that he is not a good influence on Emmett. The next morning, they wake up with everything back to normal. As a result, she and Ty, who was stationed with her brother overseas, have a close relationship.

After finding out that Daphne's mother is in financial trouble, the Kennishes invite Regina and Daphne to move into their guest house, which they accept. Toward the end of the first season, Bay breaks up with Emmett after she finds out at prom that he slept with Simone her old friend. She tells him she loves him, and he breaks up with her.

They meet her mom, who seems kind of off, and she invites them to dinner. Despite initial tension and disagreement, Kathryn forms a close relationship with Regina.

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Angelo later implies to Regina that he would like to get back together with her and that had the girls not been switched, they would still be together. She finds out that Regina started drinking again. However, when he finally does message her, Bay, determined to move on, deletes the message without responding. Angelo goes braindead, and Daphne has a dream about him helping her prepare for her wedding.

His relationship with Daphne comes under strain when he finds out that she was charged with blackmailing a United States Senator. As a result of this fight, Daphne blames her mother for Angelo's sudden death. It is later revealed that Natalie is a lesbian.

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She is now Bay, and the Kennish household is completely different. Ty makes it appear that he is cheating on her in order for him to return to fighting in the war.

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They decide they need to unite their families and recreate the moment with the garlic knots. After getting advice from Bay, Regina decides to open her own business as an interior decorator with Angelo as chief investor.

Daphne ends things with Liam a short time later as Bay is uncomfortable with the two of them dating. After breaking up with Jace, Daphne finds herself charged with blackmail and facing potential jail time. Travis go to college and joins the baseball team. She was raised by Regina, a single mother, with help from Regina's mother Adriana. She later gets half of Angelo's money as a result of the marriage.

Months later, in an effort to win Bay back, Emmett paints their relationship in a timeline on a brick wall. Bay, after finding out about Regina's drinking, confronts her about it and the two get into fight. This relationship, however, runs into a multitude of troubles throughout its course, including Emmett's family troubles and the interference of third parties.

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