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Their best music was electric, boundary-pushing and undeniably vital. If there's such a thing as Linkin Park for non-Linkin Park fans, it'd probably be this. That Korn only had one, and if you can name it in fewer than eight guesses you probably work for Billboard?

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The song's sentiment may sound like quitting, but no Linkin Park fan would ever say it felt that way when singing along to it. It's not the saddest part of today, new sms tones 2013 but it's still absolutely heartbreaking that Chester Bennington didn't live to see rock's history writers come around on Linkin Park.

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Shinoda's carnival-barking intro, Brad Delson's rumbling-belly fretwork, even Hahn's blisters-on-mah-fingers scratching. No band ever need accomplish more than that on their debut single. It's still pretty irresistible, though, even when it gets swallowed by static at the midway point and resumes with another ahead-of-its-time dubstep breakdown.

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Linkin Park All Songs Download - frcrimson

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The band was too big, too influential, too talented, too smart, too innovative. And the last piano echo, a final sob over the tear-stained track, is iconic. The song whose half-time drum-n-bass beat made a lot of ears not previously attuned to Linkin Park perk up for at least three minutes.

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But that was never Linkin Park themselves. With its proggy structuring and remorseless forward drive, It won't be the first Chester song anyone thinks of today, but it might be the one that keeps him on their mind until tomorrow. No one could ever say, not even after today's events, that it didn't even matter. Empowering suburban youths across the globe to tell their parents exactly what they really think. The opening piano riff is iconic, of course.