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He's in form after a long, long time. Is it about the honest duty abiding policemen? And to a very large extent, he doesn't mess it up. This might be a turning point in his career. It is worth watching for the performances and for its slick style.

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Sanjay Gupta and Balaji Telefilms are back with another Shootout. Okay, so when I saw the trailer to Shootout at Wadala, the adventist home I totally wanted to see it.

To start off with the plot, it is about a college going boy named Manohar Manya Surve who, because of situations, becomes a gangster. India portal Film portal Bollywood portal.

It is not the kind of film you want to watch with your family, but with the right friends, it can be enjoyable. Siddhant Kapoor Shakti Kapoor's son makes his debut playing a member of Manya's gang and is called Gyanchod!

The film tells the story of Manohar Arjun Surve a good college student. Sonu Sood is good, his clashes with John Abraham is decent. After this, Manya forms his own gang which consists of him, Munir, Veera, and Gyancho, a sharpshooter brought by Munir. He is about to kill Munir when Manya saves him.

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Particularly its one of the career best performances of John whereas Anil once again makes you look at him with both surprise and praises together. Manya is a simpleton who becomes pure evil for his necessary survival. Not only that, but this film had a lot of awkward sex scenes.

It's all pretty much that. On whole, this movie is a treat.

Bhargav is in conflict with an underworld don named Bhatkar Ranjeet and currently on the run. Vidya understands and persuades Manya to take her to meet his parents.

The film has been called a sequel to Shootout at Lokhandwala but both films have no connection. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shootout at Wadala. Shootout at Wadala is a more polished film with a better story but it still isn't a great film.

However, Surve's brother, a gangster, is attacked by local thugs and as Surve pulls one of them off, the brother stabs the bandit and thus Surve is held accountable alongside his brother. This film could have been made without Tusshar Kapoor and that wouldn't hurt the film at all.

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The clashes between Manya and Dilawar are mind blowing, the Anil Kapoor scenes are good as well, the cops are also properly shown in the film. The story is centered around the first Hindu gangster of Mumbai, Manya Surve John Abraham and his meteoric rice and his subsequent fall. It was very difficult to remember the period, which are being shown by supers in date, month, year and place format. John Abraham Manya Surve impresses but in parts As always his body is amazing though. Anil Kapoor hams it up like only he can and that's not a bad thing at all!

Shootout At Wadala Songs

Action packed film with a lot of swearing and unnecessary skin show. Vidya asks him why he doesn't give the answers and Manya replies that even though they are in love he will not do anything stupid to stop him being successful. Also another serious song was not required. His brother gets into a fight with a crime lord, and due to his girlfriend's incessant begging, he helps his brother out.

Well well, no prizes for guessing which of these three is better! Even if she's Manya's girlfriend, she doesn't have much to do.

Unbelievably stupid non sense, no story, well it says based on true story but I couldn't find any story in the movie. The screenplay by Sanjay Bhatia is almost tight. John Abraham actually did really well as Manya Surve. Unfortunately, a large portion of the minutes in this film are used to show John Abraham running shirtless in slow motion, or to showcase every single hit no matter how weak in really slow motion.

The best act of this film is reserved for Manoj Bajpai who shines as the cunny Zubair. The movie was given a strict A rating which I expected. The film has proper action with no cheesy stunts. The screenplay is very taught and engaging. We follow his trials following that unfortunate incident, from prison escape to becoming a notorious gangster and an utterly angry man, driven by vengeance and hatred.

Along the way, the story sees Surve undergo a very abrupt and unrealistic development as a character. Every gang has an enemy gang. He makes the cops shine out, he also gets some of the best dialogs.

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There is a hot Kangana Ranaut and as many as three item songs with probably Sunny Leone's being the best. When a movie has good acting and item songs, and yes, dialog loaded with swear words, there is a tendency of such movies to gravitate towards mass appeal. The Item songs are okay, but they add nothing to the plot of the story. He delivers the dialogs effectively, his expressions are good. Most scenes are well handled.