Shinee m countdown why so serious jong hyun dating

Shinee m countdown why so serious jong hyun dating

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It was then that I just knew his voice was something unique. If the track were to be considered a gamble, both artists won - Jonghyun was able to show off his talents, and Lee Hi got a song that was as artistically notable as it was successful. Though he may not be with us any longer, his heartfelt contributions to the world of K-Pop will be felt forever.

On top of this, Jonghyun proved to be a serious draw for concerts, as he had several headlining ones of his own through the years that boasted huge crowds. Music Core during their promotional cycle. Much can change during that time, but one thing that was consistent was Jonghyun's warm, considerate and passionate demeanor. Maybe because they were babies and Taemin was just a year-old boy.

The artistry of Jonghyun is cherished by countless people, and it's a truly remarkable feat to resonate with such a large and diverse group of fans during what was an all-too-short period of time. His voice stood out above everyone else's. The double appearance of different albums from one act on World Albums makes the group the fifth K-pop act to score two simultaneous entries on the chart for the same week. Through a series of hard-earned opportunities, Jonghyun was able to showcase his sincerity and devotion towards his craft to both fans and casual listeners for the greater part of a decade.

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Through every belted note and carefully picked sound, fans became closer to Jonghyun, establishing a deeply emotional connection with his output. That is, of course, not to say his music couldn't have a sense of humor or fun - through his various pieces, Jonghyun illustrated emotional depth and versatility.

Essentially, the existence of such a track serves as an example of what can be accomplished when the politics of K-pop are set aside in favor of the creativity. While his passing was extremely sudden and difficult, it has allowed many people to come together and celebrate his life and creative works in retrospect.