My top shidduch dating fails

Shidduch dating video funny

My top shidduch dating fails

Large kippah-may be black velvet, leather, knit, or Yemenite. When I rejoined with my Kallah, she was talking to the familiar looking girl and I was introduced as her Chosson.

That had real funny stories. There were only a few which I went out with more than once or twice.

Got high marks, but never participated in extracurricular activities or went on field trips. That is such a good story. Will never buy new clothes, but rather make them herself or revamp old closet potatoes. Makes men sweat heavily during interview and feel they don't deserve the privilege of his time.

Hey, I cant help what pops into my head. The guy picked me up in his car and then realized he was running low on gas, so we stopped at a gas station. We really should collect all these weirdo stories into a book. After some time I left the place and went to the Mir. Lots of green, gray, burgundy wool clothing-tartan plaid shirts, fair-isle sweaters or cardigans, Burberry trench in cold weather.

Nice beautifully pressed suit

Father is a modern orthodox rabbi out West or in New England. Seems to wear Shabbos clothes all week. Tendency to be somewhat neurotic. Clothes appear to be and probably are fourth generation hand-me-downs, carefully rehemmed and pressed.

Has become intense and philosophical

Has become intense and philosophical in yeshiva. Tells tasteful but humorless jokes, long stories about his Rosh Yeshiva, in effort to keep date entertained. Nice, beautifully pressed suit.

The strangest fetish by far that I have ever heard was of a dude who got off by cutting hair. Father is president of modern orthodox shul in Cleveland or someplace. If he's feeling formal, may throw on crumpled Harris Tweed jacket.

Tells tasteful but humorless jokes

Later, he did it again when I had my back turned. He then started to cry, because all the Jewish girls he knew were so religious that hashkhatat zara was a huge deal. May check references with his Rosh. Gets up immediately after arrival in restaurant or lounge to check who mashgiach is.