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Whoever did stash it didn't make a very good job of it. Ian Brady Even before his evil and sadistic crimes shocked and appalled Britain, Ian Brady stood out as a grim character. They do not unsettle our whole view of the world.

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Uriah Heeps on segregation. At first I thought this was just the normal run of things for a new novelist. The brother of a victim of the Moors murders has called for the killer's remains to be held within prison walls. There is a great deal of dissolving and melting inside on the road to sexual fulfilment as well as helicopter rides, private planes and elegant apartments.

Savile passes through British social history like a criminal Zelig. Yes, she fell madly in love with Ian Brady, but still had an affair with another man while she was with him. Increasingly, though, my detective friends appear to have got it wrong. Life And Death Of A Serial Killer, she was visibly unhinged and paranoid, leading any observer to wonder how she could possibly be judged sane. The line stopped me in my tracks.

Their vile legacy left mother WinnieEven now after years

They offended while we watched, made us complicit in their crimes. The irony is that my novel is much less sensational than most detective novels.

Savile spread corruption wherever he travelled, gangrenous through society. Brady was due to go before a mental health tribunal last month, but it was delayed after he suffered a seizure. His body was trussed up in plastic sheeting and shoved into a bedroom.

Many serial killers take trophies of their victims, pieces of their body or clothing. The book is not as good as those two masterpieces. No new date has been set for the hearing in Manchester but it is not thought to be imminent. It was at the factory two years later he met year-old Myra Hindley.

We know he was in hospital for a long time but he was in prison for a long time. His work is an excellent piece of investigative journalism. Savile was once summoned by West Yorkshire Police to provide a cast of his teeth by the Ripper Squad. Friedrich Nietzsche said we have art so that we don't die of the truth, but literary people who seemed to think Myra Hindley as a subject was art would make them die of the truth.

But it also changed my thinking about the nature of many of the criminals I have come across in my working life. The first victim, year-old Pauline Reade, was a neighbour, but others were targeted at random because they were alone. Even now, after years of the feminist movement and growing female assertion, women serial killers are rare. Their vile legacy left mother Winnie Johnson unable to find her son's remains.

Mailer and Burn elevated journalism to art. It is understood she claims she returned the sealed envelope to Brady before her arrest. Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Sometimes the girls were encouraged to spend the night camping with him. It's a step too far for her.

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