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As extensive as you grasp the camera on a chock horizontal airplane, the fallout are pretty excellent. Does not connect to the computer ie. Whether it's an issue with the screen or with the software, we found it difficult to accurately press buttons on-screen without slowing our movements right down.

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It's subtle, but the effect is to have the key push your fingers on to the next key, helping you to type quicker. On difficult the global mode proved distinctly formidable. Also, the instruction manual wasn't particularly detailed, so it took a bit of playing around to figure out all the functions. The qwerty keyboard is really handy, you can just slide it out and text away!

Visit manufacturer site for details. It supports all the basic features like play-list formation, path list according to writer, book, class and so forth, fast onward, reverse and different voice property.

Cons wifi is not functioning well. Unlocks and calls people on my recent call list, and phone book while in my pocked. Well I had this phone for about a week and am just not very happy with it. Music player does not categorize songs on the basis of artist, credit risk books album etc.

Only problem I really had was when I tried to make a call to an automated number which wanted me to type in numbers from the keypad to get what I needed, which was difficult with the touch screen. Review Sections Review Specs. Resend confirmation email.

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Overall user rating

It is very alert and has beautiful discernment. On the keyboard it is very easy to type long messages with ease, just like you would on a computer, only more compact. The phone also features touchscreen input, though this isn't quite so good. You can as well airy imagery from the default file boss. Please note that each user review reflects the opinion of its respectful author and not of PhoneArena.

Overall, good phone for a low price. Keyboard keys have to be pressed with finger nails, not finger tips. The touch screen isn't very accurate.

The first of which is the locking system. The cell appears to be very tough and need simply closing for further than a pair of years without any hitchs. Disgrace about the absent Wi Fi, although. The keyboard also isn't loud which is nice. Samsung B By Joseph Hanlon.

Is this the all in one camera phone you've been looking for, or is it all pics and no blow? The keyboard is a bit tiny but it's still useable. However, if you're looking for more, then you'll need to look further afield. Cons No data cable comes with it Instruction manual isn't very detailed.

Overall user rating

The touch-screen as well executes upto propsect. The most annoying feature has to be the lack of a usable lock. The handset as well arrives with a pleasant looking touch optimized Music Player application. Pros Keyboard Touch screen Long-life battery All. The hybrid touch screen and qwerty keyboard are great and easy to use.

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Free Samsung B applications download. No themes, got to get used to the two preinstalled themes. If you're buying a new iPhone, this should be your starting point.

The mobilephone is an good device that appears and ambiances further like a compact digital camera than a mobile phone. It is fast and alert, having empty nearly all of the evils that beset the former version of TouchWiz. When i put music volume to maximum it's very loud and i really like that! We love the easy user interface of the B, and we stop like the gadgets too.

The right side crowds the camera key, devoted balcony key and the volume rocker. The sunbeam legibility is as well very pleasant. This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. But its very good, appart from if you want to type with the screen and not use the qwerty keyboard. Pros nice features easy touch.

Luckily, Samsung has included a four-way direction pad on the keyboard which we deferred to for most menu and website navigation. It still wieghs now gms which is polite compared to the features it arrives packaged with.

Installed applications do not rotate when the phone is slid open. If you lock the phone and put it in your pocket, the slightest shift of the keyboard drawer will disengage the lock, allowing you to pocket dial. Composed emails can not be broken into paragraphs. Firstly, you want decent spacing and definition between the keys, and the B has this. There are two major downfalls.

It doesn't vibrate enough for me to feel it in my pocket. It can as well be minimised, the music player can as well be enter ed from a widget. If you have it in your pocket your phone will constantly become unlocked and buttons will be being pushed as you walk around. This results in you calling people or doing whatever plus it drains the battery like crazy since the backlight is coming on.

Samsung B3410

Pros touch screen qwerty key pad slider. Samsung B applications free softwares download. It as well supports multitasking where you can run a lot of errands at once and switch amongst them.

The exposed earpiece speaker above the screen and the three mechanical keys below the screen look identical to those on the Samsung Galaxy Icon amongst many others. Download themes, software for Samsung B model. Six websites that turn your used electronics into money. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Next the vibration is too weak.

Cons Terrible locking system, becomes unlocked in pocket Vibration way too weak for text messages you can't feel it or even hear it if it is on a solid surface in front of you. To define a good keyboard is to identify a few key elements.

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