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Royalty free Cinematic music Think Big. Majestic and emotional epic Hollywood style royalty free background music. Beautiful and charming cinematic orchestral piece with a bit of sweet melancholy for a serene and celestial mood.

Conveys drama, courage and heroism. Emotional heartful track with melancholic, touching and reflective melody. Conveys strength, power and an approaching threat.

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These examples of distinctly different sounding artists illustrate the diverse nature of cinematic music. Very good for projects that needs a dramatic, cinematic soundtrack, film credit sequence, adventures films, emotional journey, fantasy movies. Will perfectly suit for action movie scenes, pirates adventure, video games, or any other media project looking for dynamic and powerful mood. Good for fantasy movie trailer, timelapse and landscape video, atmospheric nature footage, motivational speech, travel journey, reflective moments.

Emotional cinematic music with a tender and sentimental melody. This is a touching and emotional cinematic piece for any romantic and lovely moments of your life. Suitable for social advertisements, serious life themes, suspicious moments, dramatic cinematic scenes, and more. Great for films, slideshow, atmospheric nature videos.

Featuring a building orchestra with powerful symphonic strings, strong percussion, brass and piano. This is inspiring and hopeful cinematic music with acoustic orchestral sound and epic adventure atmosphere. Suitable for any martial arts promotion, holiday promotion, or anything which requires a distinctly robust Asian themed piece of music. Powerful epic dubstep music with elements of modern classical and hybrid orchestral sound.

Royalty free Cinematic music

Featuring piano Rhodes keys, xylophone, gentle bells, pizzicato strings and upright bass. Beautiful sad to happy piano orchestral classical track with the inspirational, yet patriotic mood.

Very good for atmospheric films, hypnotic timelapse, travel journey, reflective moments and other. Great for trailers, video games and adverts.

Royalty free cinematic music

Dramatic and cinematic Hollywood movie style cue with deep, powerful percussion, driving strings and big, bold horns. Fit for cinematic and romantic projects, dramatic video, documentaries and more. Sad, dramatic and melancholic instrumental music track. This music is like a realization that something is wrong in toy-land and the investigation is starting. This modern Yann Tiersen and Max Richter like elegant classical piano and orchestral music with a bittersweet melancholic, minion rush games for pc yet motivational mood.

Cinematic Music

Perfect arrangement for a romantic love story, wedding ceremony, celebration of the victory, fantasy movie soundtrack, a new beginning, birth of the new life, and more. Contemporary Middle Eastern orchestral background music featuring duduk, santoor, and percussion. This is beautiful and magical cinematic music with lovely and excited atmosphere. Creepy cinematic track is perfect for horror, thriller, halloween, action movies, trailers and so on. An original cinematic piano track, which is full of hope and emotions.

Good background music for any deep and thoughtful videos, media slideshow, investigation documentary, detective story, and more. Perfect for cinematic background, inspirational and motivational videos, superhero powerful trailers, patriotic films, teasers, video game and other heroic projects. Recommended for documentary storytelling, cinematic trailer, timelapse videos, emotional life stories, epic scenes in movies, etc. The music has cinematic feel and mood, could also be useful in kinda discovery films. Instruments are piano and orchestral strings.

There is plenty of space and it would work great for film underscore. Suitable for yoga classes, zen meditation, nature timelapse, drone videos, ethereal scenes and peaceful moments. This is optimistic and motivational orchestral music with bright atmosphere and inspiring mood. Modern cinematic background music with a Hollywood sound.

Royalty free Cinematic music

Perfect background music for wedding videos and other similar sentimental events. Perfect for great achievements breakneck success, brave adventures, heroic actions, film trailers, and more.

Features piano, strings, oboe. The genre shares many commonalities with film music, another successor of program music. Perfect for touching moments, reflection and remembrance of the past, psychological scenes, eternal love, etc. This track is useful as intro or background music in any type of video or multimedia application. The intensity builds up gradually towards the end of the track and creates a powerful emotional atmosphere.

Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Cinematic Music Cinematic Stock Music

Epic, powerful, heroic orchestral track. Perfect music for action scenes, chasing cues and for an extreme sports project.