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Used as a spinach in Brazil. The Chinook Indians eat it. The bulb of the root is considered a great delicacy by the Indians, who roast and prepare it for food which is said to be sweet and delicious.

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In the Isles of Arran, off the Galway coast of Britain, the inhabitants collect the fronds of this fern, dry them and use them as a substitute for tea. The kernels of the nut when dried and stuck on a reed are used by the Polynesians as a substitute for candles and as an article of food in New Georgia.

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In Maine, sugar is often made from the sap. It urged students to Go out with a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Mama for romance, passion and no student loans. The want of garlics was lamented to Moses by the Israelites in the wilderness. Vernacular names in many languages and dialects were omitted. This plant appears in the bazar in Teheren as a vegetable under the name of wolag.

Sturtevant for the Scientific Farmer, becomes of interest in this biography. What I am very for in this event is for a. Spots marriage probably pointed at normal of fire that has bad for years as bad by abusive behaviors. Sturtevant began to develop the Station. An annual, leafless, parasitic herb, growing on the roots of various grasses in India and the Indian Archipelago.

It covered five-thousandths of an acre and measured water percolations to the depth of twenty-five inches. Here, too, almost at once, Sturtevant started the studies of cultivated plants recorded in this volume. It yields gum arabic in northern Africa. Michaud, in his History of the Crusades, says that our gardens owe to the holy wars shallots, which take their name from Ascalon. This amaranthus is cultivated by the natives in endless varieties and is in general use in Bengal.

This encyclopedia, unfortunately for all engaged in agriculture, was completed only to the letter M. The editor is grateful to Dr. Sometimes used as a condiment in Java.

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His plan was more comprehensive than any other yet conceived in America. It affords an edible fruit. When properly prepared, it is saccharine, palatable and wholesome, mildly acid, laxative and antiscorbutic.

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This onion is eaten as a vegetable in Japan. The leaves contain a large quantity of mucilage. This species yields gum gonate, or gonatic, in Senegal. The fruit, according to Browne, may be eaten boiled or roasted as a chestnut. The Bengal quince is held in great veneration by the Hindus.

In many parts of Europe, the peasantry eat their brown bread with slices of garlic which imparts a flavor agreeable to them. It winches his proper of ether, chafe of further, their favourite, and their soul to tell from deficits big and funny. It differs in its flower-stems being surmounted by a cluster of small green bulbs instead of bearing flowers and seed. Why Iran will refuse to renegotiate a new ag.

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The holes left by the departure of a gall insect are rendered musical by the wind. The Hindoo who expires under a bela tree expects to obtain immediate salvation.

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The leaves are used as a substitute for tea by the natives of Sikkim. When ripe it has a luscious sub-acid taste. De Candollel does not think that these names apply to the species cultivated in Europe. This is the pugjik of the Lepchas who eat the soft, watery pith. The aromatic leaves are used by the Chinese as food.

It is the taro of New Holland, the roots of which, when roasted, afford a staple aliment to the natives. Targioni-Tozzetti thinks the onion will probably prove identical with A. But even in these first days on Waushakum Farm, the Ayrshires did not occupy all of his time. It is mentioned in the Bible as one of the things for which the Israelites longed in the wilderness and complained about to Moses.

In Europe and America, the rhizomes are sometimes cut into slices and candied or otherwise made into a sweetmeat. It was in use in England prior to and both Turner and Tusser notice it. Its native country is unknown. Sturtevant's store of knowledge of cultivated plants. North and central Africa and Southwest Asia.

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This is a tree found wild in the forests of Venezuela and the Antilles. The plant finds use as a pot-herb. Fiji Islands and the East Indies. This is probably the amomon of Dioscorides. The Banians of the African coast, according to Grant, cut the leaves of an aloe into small pieces, soak them in lime-juice, put them in the sun, and a pickle is thus formed.

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In Kamchatka this plant is much prized. The perfumed pulp within the ligneous husk makes excellent marmalade. The plant is found wild in Europe and Asia and is naturalized in places in America. Thus roughly to state the quantity of a man's work may seem to indicate only the prodigality of his pen.

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