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Richest barber in bangalore dating, ramesh Babu, the barber who owns a Rolls Royce

My grandfather had to mortgage his property to enable the loan. He would give us five rupees a day from that.

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There are mini Mercs, a Rolls Royce and even a few vintage models. He had simply stopped paying us any money. He continued his studies while supporting his family, till his pre-university years when he took over the saloon, named Inner Space, from his uncle. He has been featured in television channels and newspapers all over the country. She was adamant that I prioritise my education, but I started working at the saloon too and learning the ropes of the business.

The loan interest was six thousand and eight hundred rupees and I was reeling from having to make the payments. He put together his small savings and raised the rest of the amount through a bank loan. She became like a sister to me and remains a big part of my life even today.

Fortunately for me, the risk paid off remarkably. My father had left behind a saloon business on Brigade road which my uncle took to running. Stories of personal perseverance, the ones where heroes overcome severe obstacles and achieve dizzying heights of success, have been around since the beginning of time but they never get old.

Ramesh Babu, the barber who owns a Rolls Royce

He used family savings to renovate the saloon and roped in two workers to run the place. Anything else is just luck.

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It took three months of perseverance when a chance visit turned Ramesh towards hairstyling himself. In we are going to buy some stretch limousines and other such vehicles.

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But I kept trying and one and half years later I finally managed to succeed again. He had been eyeing the models for a few years and saw an opportunity. As of now, I have had to put a hold on the plans for expansion because the taxes have become sky high. It is one that, even now, he does with great aplomb. In he has a fleet of cars.

People told me to sell the car. My mother started working as a maid servant to make ends meet. There were ones who had purchased second hand models and the conditions of those cars were far from pristine. This has made him something of an urban legend. From onward I seriously got into the car rental business.

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Ramesh recently became the third person in Bengaluru to buy the Mercedes-Maybach S, which stands in his company garage. Last April, I had to pay over three crores in road taxes alone. Media reports often mention his love for his Rolls-Royce, but procuring the car landed him in one of his greatest challenges as a business owner. It cost me almost four crore rupees, to buy the car.

They inspire us and inflame our passions, making us believe we too can follow suit. Earlier we used to pay taxes quarterly. But once again, it was a risk that paid off. The idea is to embrace them wholeheartedly and tackle them vehemently.

Since then I have been called a barber. His enviable fleet of luxury cars-on-rent, and his incredible story of success and determination has earned Ramesh the title of Billionaire Barber. Here Ramesh Babu, the Millionaire Barber, shares his utterly inspiring story. Now, ensconced in the lap of success, english dating in spain he remains true to the vocation of his heart- a barber.

In the mornings, I would be at the saloon and evenings at college. She taught me the basics of doing this kind of business.

Forty lakhs in for a car, even a luxury car, was a very big deal. Gradually, I started adding more cars to the fleet.

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The business was not doing well as the competition at this level was intense. Getting a good meal during a festival was one of our happiest moments. Or have something to share? We took to having one meal a day just so we could survive.

Every business will have recurring formidable challenges. My uncle had bought a small car and petty pride made me buy one too. Every business will face challenges and pitfalls.

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