Mahindra Reva to launch five electric cars

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Though I wonder if anyone with that battery will want to sell it - I wouldn't. Prospective customers in Hyderabad looking for a zero emission vehicle for city use, can take a look at the Reva i at any of the five Mahindra dealers in the city. The Reva i, is the same Reva that has been on sale in India, with a few added features. So if your friend is looking for a second-hand Reva, tell him to make sure it is one from the early lot, not a Reva-i. As other electric cars, the interior of the car is enlivening with a blue back-lit digital display on the instrumental panel.

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All information like battery charge, range will be presented on the display. The two-seater sports car is expected to stand out for performance and speed. After that, I don't know - will cross the bridge when I come to it Apparently the original Reva battery, right in the beginning before Reva-i was the best. The warranty for the battery was for two years, and as soon as that period was over, the mileage started dropping.

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At the end of the third year, the car user can further pay Rs. It is currently the world's largest operational example of a plant specially dedicated to the assembly of battery electric vehicles. Its regenerative braking system also charges the battery while applying brakes or slowing down the car. Yes, Reva Electric Car Company the Bangalore based maker of electric cars was there on the international stage, doing its bit to save the world from the predictions of the Mayan calendar.

The car had a high-tech power pack for which Tudor India Limited supplied customized Prestolite batteries. Now changing the Reva battery is like getting a new engine for your car - it costs a bomb, and negates almost all the savings on fuel that one has been enjoying up to that point.

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It is easy to drive due to its small size and has no gears, making it ideal for congested city commuting. This pricing model, however, puts the cost of buying a Reva squat in the middle of B-segment hatchback territory. By the time the car was three years old, I had no option but to change the battery. But the new one comes with a three year warranty, and they changed it again for free.

He drives to my place in Malleswaram all the way from beyond Koramangala and back, so I'm sure the mileage is great. View below listing of variants based on their fuel type. Non-renewable resources are to be preserved or at least sucked out from the earth at a smaller rate. Almost every major manufacturer displayed their own version of what ought to be the fuel for the future and the answer was electricity, as of now that is. For the Reva i, Mahindra has tied up with Mahindra Finance with a rather unique lease-finance scheme.

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Of course, running costs of the Reva would be just a fraction of what it would cost to drive a regular petrol car. The overall length, width of the car should give you an idea about parking space it require. The firm will announce the price of the e-vehicles in India soon. But since the battery has a warranty of three years, I'm going to hang on to it till then. This is the first product launch from the company after Mahindra took over the Reva Electric Car Company in May this year.

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