Redating the hauberg stela

Redating the hauberg stela

The Blood ofMurchison Regents ProfessorThis miniature version presents

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She decided to investigate theAbout the Object

She decided to investigate the culture and history of the ancient people who had created the city. Murchison Regents Professor of Art in the department. This miniature version presents a standing figure whose swirl-eye and frontal shark tooth identify him as the rain god Chahk, or a human impersonator of that important deity.

At the time of her death, she was the John D.

The Blood of Kings was awarded the Alfred H. About the Object Gallery Label The Maya erected stone slabs like this sculpture to commemorate historic anniversaries and important cycles of their calendar.

An obligatory visit to Palenque the next summer turned into a day stay spent drawing and studying Maya architecture after she was fascinated by the art. Bibliography Houston, Stephen D.