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The body of these chapters will be the steps to build the ActiveSkill application. You can even configure the combo box to load on demand. Finally, you will learn some of the editor's customization possibilities, how to optimize RadEditor for multiple instances and how to localize RadEditor for a specific language. Templates This chapter shows the general techniques for working with templates as used by RadControls.

You will also learn how to bind to database data and respond to events on the server side. RadComboBox also works well for very long lists of items. Added missing validation to the editor - Validating property names now takes into account existing properties.

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You will bind a client exam responses object directly to the RadGrid using client code only. In this chapter you will build a simple chart with static items and also learn how to bind data to the chart. User Functionality In this chapter you will build functionality for the central purpose of the application, the taking of exams. You will create a simple application that binds the grid to live data and manipulates the auto-generated columns. RadChart RadChart is a powerful business data presentation tool that can show your data off with striking impact.

ActiveSkill is quite a bit smaller than a production application, but also larger than your typical demo application that may only use one or two controls at a time. You will also learn about several of the tree view server-side events. RadChart comes with many customizable chart types and skins to tailor the behavior and look of each chart. The chapter also covers when and how to sort the drop-down list in server-side code.

Later you will use RadAjaxManagerProxy to perform the same settings configuration within a user control. You worked with an example of implementing add, edit and delete operations manually in server-side code. You will discover how to use special features of RadTreeView, including node editing, check boxes, drag-and-drop, and node context menus. Exists statements should only be generated if possible - OpenAccess generates as many exist fragments as possible.

Telerik is the first company to provide native Silverlight controls which make them the leaders in the area. RadGrid This chapter explores the versitile and powerful RadGrid control. You will learn about the different types of templates you can use with a combo box, and how to work with combo box custom attributes.

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This lead to duplicated columns that are not synchronized. RadGrid provides real-time performance as well as almost codeless development experience for a rich variety of features. You will also create simple applications to become familiar with minimize zones and sliding zones. For replace metadata this means, the initialization has to be done after the schema migration call back returns.

In the process you will become familiar with important tree view and tree node properties. The courseware uses Visual Studio and assumes you know your way around this environment. You will also need a basic understanding of the differences between server and client code.

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This chapter covers in more detail how the data binding properties are used and how to bind to multiple data sources at one time. This allows you to leverage a common set of skills between controls.

This no longer applies for types that does not support this setting. You will build a node hierarchy dynamically in server-side code, and see how this can be used to populate a tree view with data from multiple tables.

Exam Scheduling In this chapter you will implement the scheduling for ActiveSkill. Those artifacts were not filtered out by the OpenAccess schema read and could have led to command timeout exceptions. The controls not only look good but they are very flexible and implement some unique features. Kind regards, Ivan Dimitrov the Telerik team Thank you for being the most amazing.

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