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The current form of Nara Prefecture was officially created in when it became independent of Osaka Prefecture. No, not the man of my dreams, but the jolly guy who works at the Prefecture. The best part about being French is how nice they are when you go to the local Prefecture. Inhabitants of Nanterre are called Nanterriennes feminine and Nanterriens masculine. She asks what I need it for and I say for Naturalization.

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For me it was completely normal in this scenario to ask how someone becomes a bicycle tour guide, as I have many friends who would be interested. The best way to survive is a good sense of humor. The last part happened faster than expected.

As with our birth certificates, this document must be translated into French by an authorized translator. She met with us in our Paris apartment when she was in town early in December. Et voila, two minutes on the phone. Documents must be organized by originals and then copies- color documents with color copies, black and white documents with black and white copies.

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The proctor definitely responded like I asked a completely different question. Failing to do so will result in your having to return to your last country of residency to request a new visa. Clearly I forgot I was in France. The questions get increasingly hard for each section.

This first visit was a complete failure. The day of my ceremony came just over a year after I had gone into the Bureau de Naturalisations for my interview. They went and found the document in their files, gave me two photocopies for free, and voila, two minutes in and out. This was a back and forth exchange where in the scenario I received, I was trying to convince my friend played by the proctor to help me clean up an oil spill.

The general rule to apply for French naturalisation is that you must be a legal resident of France for five consecutive years. My accountant has the most recent one.

The next week we received our birth certificates. Is this our first renewal?

In talking to a French friend the Friday before my Tuesday rendezvous she tells me another friend has been studying for her French citizenship test. We returned home to look for some bourbon and professional help. Another way is to receive a degree from a French university after spending at least two years in the country as a student. It was completely wrong and out of date!

And when it came to my early eligibility, she went to the back office to confirm that my degree would count. Both our cell phone accounts were in my name. Every step of the process had taken longer than expected, so I did write a follow-up email that day.

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Now we are looking forward to our meeting in April. The other irony, I received the second letter with the date for the ceremony on the last day I moved out of my apartment.

The economic dependency to Osaka even characterizes today's Nara Prefecture, for many inhabitants commute to Osaka to work or study there. Nara Prefecture region is considered one of the oldest regions in Japan, is hookup blast real having been in existence for thousands of years.

It is easy for them to understand and determine approval. The irony of course being that I could have been making money and contributing to the economy, but instead I was running in circles hunting down documents. Only the strong survive The interview. Alas, half of the adventure in living in France is having good stories. My parents were sweet and took a trip to Richmond, Virginia to pick up my apostille for me it is possible by mail, but I think my dad was looking for an excuse for a train trip.