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Jake began dating Mia Saunders. The growing connection between Jake and Cara did not go unnoticed by Amanda. They both admitted what they had almost done was a mistake and they would not let their feelings from the past resurface.

Tad soon discovered Cara and Griffin were siblings. He also renewed his friendship with her son Frankie, who had become a physician as well. Jake was adamant that Liza pay for her crime, but when Mia woke up, moluscos caracteristicas yahoo dating she refused to press charges.

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Jake had the hots for Liza, but being the good boy that he was, refused to commit adultery and turned his eyes towards Belinda Keefer. It would take nearly a year before it was proven that neither Kendall nor Zach had been responsible. He and Carolyn returned to Kenya, after promising to invite Ruth and Joe to their wedding.

When Jake went to the hospital he learned Amanda knew she was not pregnant but had refrained from telling him. Jake knew there was more for Cara to explain regarding the end of their marriage when Jake noticed Cara wore her wedding ring on a chain around her neck. Jake became involved romantically with Greenlee Smythe, though her true love was David's brother, Leo du Pres who was trapped in a loveless marriage to Laura English.

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Jake was suspended from his duties at the hospital. With Jake's help, Mia convinced Frankie to let the boy be raised by his adoptive parents. Jake was uncomfortable when Cara was hired to work at the hospital but they quickly resumed their professional relationship while they saw patients and performed surgeries together. After they found Jake, he was injured while trying to rescue dozens of orphans. Dimitri Marick planned to undergo an experimental procedure which required the use of stem cells.

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Tad and Dixie became engaged and Jake's parents decided to move back to Pine Valley. When the results came back, they were all shocked to discover that Jake was Trevor's father. After Liza got pregnant, she went back to Adam. Gillian and Jake were still married, but it was soon clear that Gillian's heart still belonged to Ryan. Angie and Jake arrange for a test to be done on Trevor.

Once the truth was out, David no longer had a reason to keep Allie's secret. Jake and Mia remained friends, so she confided in him when Trey Kenyon began to blackmail her. Greenlee moved in with Jake and their future seemed bright. Jake admitted to Cara he was jealous when he thought of her with another man and she confessed she wanted Jake to love her. He admitted to Amanda he had almost slept with Cara but he realized in time Amanda was the woman he truly loved.

Cara was safe in the United States but would face danger from the cartel if she left the country. Joey married her against his family's wishes. Amanda underwent surgery and afterwards was declared cancer-free. At the end of November, David discovered by accident that he was not Trevor's father.

The results came back negative for both Trevor and Marissa, David's daughter. As a result of her injuries, Gillian was unable to speak.

The Martin family gathered together to celebrate. However, David and Amanda became stranded after he arranged for his to break down. Jake and Amanda, who had remained friends, shared a night of passion, but nothing came of it. He vowed to help protect her baby from David. The truth came out and Frankie vowed to win custody of their son William.

Gillian and Jake fell in love and were married. He asked Mia to marry him, but se turned him down.

Emily Ann began to think that Jake had become romantically interested in Katie Kennicott and tried unsuccessfully to kill her. Zach hired Tad's business partner, private detective, Aidan Devane to rescue Jake. Jake did some digging and was stunned to find that Greenlee was alive.

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He presented dubious evidence to the hospital board that suggested that Joe was becoming a liability to the hospital. Gillian didn't feel comfortable moving forward with the divorce while Jake was recovering, and Ryan began to drift away as Gillian devoted most of her time to Jake. Gillian and Ryan found their way back to each other, and she planned to ask Jake for a divorce.

Ruth and Joe were happy for him and hoped he would stay, but Jake was convinced that his past would harm his new marriage. Her medical license was revoked and her relationship with Jake began to falter.

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David poisoned Adam Chandler while Adam was recuperating from a stroke and attempted to shift the blame, implicating Jake after saving Adam's life. To take his power away, Allie came clean about having forged her credentials. Amanda overheard the conversation and assumed Jake had slept with Cara. Jake realized that Amanda's stalker was her mother Janet had taken Amanda and Natalia hostage.

They escaped and made their way back to Pine Valley but the experience helped Greenlee realize that life was too short to deny one's true feelings. The following day, Amanda gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom she named Trevor, after her father who had been murdered by her mother Janet.

When Cara saw a family photo that Amanda had given Krystal, she knew who Amanda was, but Cara kept her identity a mystery from Jake's new wife. Adam had married Liza to make Brooke jealous, but he wanted out of the marriage. Jake and Amanda joined Tad and many other friends in toasting the wonderful things about life in Pine Valley when a shot rang out. After the close encounter with Cara, Jake decided to focus on his marriage and he planned to take Amanda on a vacation.