Oedipus rex fagles online dating

Oedipus rex fagles online dating

Yet, sooth to say, through thee I drew new breath, And now through thee I feel a second death. Was ever man before afflicted thus, Like Oedipus.

Then I neverYet sooth to say

Could I but blindly touch them with my hands I'd think they still were mine, as when I saw. None can tell Who did cast on thee his spell, prowling all thy life around, Leaping with a demon bound.

He meant me well, yet had he left me there, He had saved my friends and me a world of care. None, I ween, but ye Must pine, poor maids, in single barrenness. But for myself, O never let my Thebes, The city of my sires, be doomed to bear The burden of my presence while I live. Thou canst never shake My firm belief. Thy fall, O Oedipus, thy piteous fall Warns me none born of women blest to call.

In the past I have bee proved his rancorous enemy. For, had I sight, I know not with what eyes I could have met my father in the shades, Or my poor mother, since against the twain I sinned, a sin no gallows could atone. Haste, friends, no fond delay, Take the twice cursed away Far from all ken, The man abhorred of gods, accursed of men. The horror of darkness, like a shroud, Wraps me and bears me on through mist and cloud. Though to gaze on thee I yearn, Much to question, much to learn, Horror-struck away I turn.

Then I never Had shown to men the secret of my birth. Leave not thus nakedly for all to gaze at A horror neither earth nor rain from heaven Nor light will suffer. For lo, the palace portals are unbarred, And soon ye shall behold a sight so sad That he who must abhorred would pity it. Such evils, issuing from the double source, Have whelmed them both, confounding man and wife. We hailed thee king and from that day adored Of mighty Thebes the universal lord.

Lead him straight within, For it is seemly that a kinsman's woes Be heard by kin and seen by kin alone. Where'er ye go to feast or festival, No merrymaking will it prove for you, But oft abashed in tears ye will return. Now is the blight revealed of root and fruit. Our sovereign lady queen Jocasta's dead.

Was ever man before afflicted

Then we beheld the woman hanging there, A running noose entwined about her neck. The worst to bear are self-inflicted wounds.