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You must at least meet all the essential criteria to be invited to interview. They are then screened for eligibility to take part in the trial.

Papers will be prepared for publication in peer-reviewed journals. This pilot trial will prove invaluable in informing the subsequent planned large-scale, parallel group, randomised controlled trial. Discussion The work ultimately aims to contribute to improving health outcomes through seeking to reduce the incidence of asthma and allergic problems.

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Researchers found that around a quarter of patients had their diagnoses reclassified after receiving the scan, prompting new treatments in many cases. Randomised controlled trial Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. If they would like to take part they can ask the clinic staff to point out the researcher to them.

They are around an eighth of the cost of an angiogram and are safer for patients, the university said. Cochrane Database Syst Rev.

Our trained healthcare professionals are sure to be some of the friendliest you'll ever have the pleasure to meet. The number of times participants consume particular food groups in the last week is classified into never, one or two times, or three or more times. If the potential participant has already read the information for participants then they are able to consent and can be recruited after the dating scan that day.