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Win the first, and you're in good shape for the rest of the tournament. If you're the first one through the cut, you may get rattled by the gates, but you should be able to regain your footing before you hit the country road that's at the heart of Market Street. If you don't get Perfect Shifts off the line, use your nitrous to catch up and draft the leader, then use that boost to pull ahead and cross the finish first.

Another course you've already seen. It's free, easy and feels damn good! There's a fairly long stretch of high-grade hills on this course - if your tachometer isn't near the red, be sure to downshift for extra power climbing them. Beyond that, everything should be familiar.

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Before any victory can be sung, a mysterious, legendary silver Nissan Z challenges the player for a last run through the Market Street circuit. Underground's blasts from the past, as the model was the last to be sold in America. The dirt section here isn't quite as terrible as it is on some of the other tracks, since the walls will do a good job of keeping you oriented if you lose control.


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After you round the long corner and rejoin the other lane of traffic, you'll need to keep to the left as you take the next turn, and glide between the barriers here until you reach the alleyway. Racer X has a well-tuned z, so hit your shortcuts and run a clean race. These are all free, though you will need to unlock them. By this point, you've likely unlocked and purchased several performance upgrades, emphasizing speed and acceleration over handling.

Obviously you'll want to keep from hitting traffic, but maneuvering yourself around your opponents so that they have trouble avoiding an impact with traffic will help thin your competition. The tunneled road offers the same set of choices as it did before, but here, it's more important to get to the outside before making the turn. The second track, however, is the dreaded Terminal Reverse, with heavy traffic. Also included are lists of what is unlocked when in the appendix. This is a one-on-one drag versus a Supra.

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The Peugeot is one of Underground's oddest vehicle choices, as it's available only in Europe. There's no non-race traffic on this challenge. You must already have several magazines. After Chinatown, you'll hit the familiar bridge.

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The basic paintjobs are free, but you will eventually be able to unlock extra colors. No one ever said racing was fair, after all. Secondly, although you can enter the race without upgrades, the other cars will be decked out no matter what your car is equipped with. The first race in this tournament takes place on old Olympic Square, which you should know like the back of your hand at this point. If you have to enter the tunnel in the right-hand lane, you'll need to hit the brakes a bit harder before you reach the curve.

The Integra Type R is a popular car amongst modders. Turbocharging your ride will result in much faster acceleration and higher top speeds.

Use this to your advantage by pushing opponents into them. To help you along the way, we've prepared this guide.

Game works fine, but cant make a profile and save it Reply. It's better just to approach the turn, braking as necessary, and not worry about the Style Points.


You'll need to keep your eyes on the headlights to know when to change lanes. From there, it's easy curves until you reach the sewers. You'll also pass a stretch of highway, as well as an incredibly long back alley straightaway.

Jose still wants a piece of you, huh? If you're having trouble, the Skyline is, as usual, a monster car to take out for drag races. This race will pave your way into the Sprint mode rankings list, and unlock the track and a major upgrade of a car, as well.

Anyway, your only opponent here is your good pal Samantha, and she's none too happy at having to race you. This Sentra trim is technically a compact family sedan capable of holding up to five passengers, but after a few modifications, you should be able to turn it into a lean racing machine. Your slides inside of this zone will see their points multiplied by the number on the left side of your screen, which itself is increased as you score more points. There's nothing at all unique about this race - familiar course, familiar conditions. You can not upgrade this car and it has the same stats as a regular skyline.

You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge. If you get two or more wheels into this zone while Powersliding, you'll get bonus points. Use the degree turns sparingly, and take advantage of the s to gather up some monster drifts.

Try to slide into the outside lane here, erring on the side of caution, if necessary, by sticking close to the exterior barrier. Drifts are frustrating before you learn the ground rules, but when you figure out what to do, they're a welcome respite from the breakneck speeds of the other types of challenges.

There is no non-race traffic on this challenge. The highway section here will be repeated throughout the game, so get familiar with its twists and turns.

Underground continues its blitz of new tracks with Bedard Bridge, but as usual, you've seen the majority of the track before. In this section, you'll find the vitals on each challenge in the Underground mode, as well as tips to help you emerge victorious from each. Rather than exotic cars, gates of fire ebook Underground featured vehicles associated with the import scene.

Sport Compact Car Magazine cover. The faster you're going as you come off the highway, the harder you'll have to brake before you cut through the dirt section.

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