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If it works for you, all the better. The game rather than emphasizing on realism and vehicle tuning take special care of speed and excitement. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

The game is all about placing the blocks and solving the puzzle which is a picture. Thankfully, this market has stabilized a lot over the last year. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. You can also customize the MySim by choosing the different outfits and accessories for races. The Unwound Future has over new riddles, puzzles, solidworks 3d design software word games etc.

Eggman and other characters from the franchise. It has different challenges, race modes, championships and more. However, it is open source.

RetroArch is an all-in-one emulator. EmuBox is a newer emulator with a bunch of compatible systems. Draglade is a pretty unique game. That includes slower emulation. It does include a frame skip option to help mitigate this, though.

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Now you can control the movement of Kirby by using the stylus to create rainbow paths. Two new game modes were also introduced. Obviously, the new major change is the touch-based controls. The story mode is pretty unique and lives up to the expectations.

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As a Beyblader, you can also customize your Bey and enhance their power or stamina. It has a very different gameplay when compared with other fighting video games. And if you were the proud owner of a Nintendo system or maybe befriended somebody with one then you might already know about the Mario Kart.

It is an Action game which has a good story mode which keeps getting better as the level progresses. Different type of Beyblades perform differently in battles and use their own special moves. This one is no less than a treat for the fans of Sonic and Mario. Mario is one of the most popular video game characters around the world.

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5 best Nintendo DS emulators for Android - Android Authority

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Thus, developers can use this as a base to make their own. It's not the easiest to use. It is the sequel of the game Jump Super Stars.

Just like that, the legendary Pokemon Zekrom can only be caught in the White Version. Dark Dawn is the next installment in the Golden Sun series. It's also in active development right now. We didn't have any serious problems playing the games we tested.

It also has other features like multiple save options, easy-to-follow chapters and more. Super Marios Bros is one of the most popular franchise all over the globe.

Playing online has been made easier by improving Wi-Fi battle mode. Spirit Tracks basically brings back the concept of previous iterations of the game. Sonic Rush has a quite usual but interesting storyline where Sonic is up against the old-time villain, Eggman. And also perform combos and special attacks during the fights.

Mario and Luigi once again go on a mission to save the mushroom world and Princess Peach. If you are not a big fan of Mario Kart then perhaps you should try this one.

Your source for all things Android! You can catch and train different Pokemon and battle against the opponents as the level progresses.

5 best Nintendo DS emulators for Android - Android Authority

Just like the other games in the Legend Of Zelda franchise, players assume the role of a green protagonist. Apart from playing the story mode, you can also race with your friends in multiplayer races via local wifi. It is one fighting video game which also has certain features or elements from role-playing and music video games. It's not the one we'd recommend first, but it's definitely in the top five.

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There are also different difficulty levels in the settings which you can choose according to your skills. Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. But on a newer Dual-Screen interface. It is an action game which includes fighting the villains and saving the day throughout the different levels.

You can play the game as your favorite character from the Naruto franchise. It has an all-new story mode which features the classic villain, Dr. Challenge of the Warlords is on a whole different level.

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There are also different Pokemon for players to catch as the game levels up. There are probably only a handful of games that don't work right.