Windows Update or Microsoft Update repeatedly offers the same update

My computer keeps updating

In Windows, search for and open View installed updates. Run Driver Talent to scan your computer to identify driver problems. Going forward, Windows won't automatically restart your computer after installing updates.

Resolution If you keep seeing the same update being offered for installation, try to install the update later. If the problem is resolved, proceed to the next step to prevent the update from reinstalling on the computer. Installing Microsoft Office required many updates after installation, as well. Recover the computer If the issue persists, recover the computer back to its original configuration.

This enables you to continue to

Because it so often works. Speaking of running smoothly, however, these updates don't always do that. The utility scans your computer.

Head to thePerform a System Restore If the

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Check the Installed On column to find the most recent update. Go to Testing for Hardware Failures for more information. Type in regedit and hit Enter.

Windows Update opens on the Windows desktop. The process doesn't affect your personal files or programs, but it may not be available to you depending on how Windows was originally set up.

Head to the Registry Editor to make the changes. This enables you to continue to work uninterrupted. Perform a System Restore If the issue has begun recently, restoring the computer to a point before the problem began can resolve the issue.