Dissolution and liquidation of foreign company in Vietnam

Liquidating a vietnam business customs

Chopsticks should be placed on the table or a chopstick rest after every few mouthfuls or when breaking to drink or speak. This derives from Confucianism, which emphasizes social order. Seniority is important in Vietnam Seniority is very important to the Vietnam especially if you are dealing with a State owned or government body. They believe all past hostilities were part of the natural defense of their national territory.

Thus, do not expect to receive answers quickly or take any shortcuts when connecting with Vietnamese people. Business is not usually discussed at dinners, although it may be at luncheons. Try to finish everything on your plate. The Family Vietnamese life revolves around the family. Business cards are exchanged on initial meetings and should be presented with both hands.

The translation of all documents into Vietnamese will demonstrate your regard for your prospective partners and your preparation in the business world. Deliverables The Deliverables will include documents prepared in Vietnamese as required for submission to licensing bodies. Leaving someone in the dark is not their intention but actually the goodwill to avoid any conflicts.

Hold the spoon in your left hand while eating soup. Assistance with liquidation process i.

Relationships are critical to successful business partnerships. The woman should request upon hosting. Within the family the head would be responsible for making decisions and approving marriages. Exchanging toasts is a part of the dinner, starting with the host.

Body language Even when feeling affectionate, avoid hugging or kissing someone in public. Don't give handkerchiefs symbols of a sad farewell. When dining with a Vietnamese man, a western businesswoman should arrange to eat in a public place and should insist upon hosting. Keep in mind that it is a modern yet conservative country, traditions and customs are kept holy. Bow to the elderly who do not extend their hand.

Foreigners are not currently allowed to hire or drive a car without a Vietnamese driving license. If she does not, bow your head slightly. Gifts Flowers are normally given only by men to women. Vietnamese beer or imported wines and liquor are usually served with the meal. For example, the most senior person should always enter the room first.

Relationships are critical

Spouses are usually not included in Vietnamese business entertainment. You must give the appropriate respect according to rank and seniority. However, motorbikes do not require such a qualification and can be bought, rented and rode with only a foreign license. In particular, for foreign invested enterprises, terminating a current investment project can be a time consuming process. Meeting and Greeting The Vietnamese generally shake hands both when greeting and when saying good-bye.

The woman should request upon

Also, it is rude to tap the chopsticks on the bowl or plate. They will be able to advise you on your best location based on your industry, raw material and manpower needs. Always wrap a gift in colorful paper.

Within the family the

Dissolution and liquidation of foreign company in Vietnam