List of Spanish television series

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Comedy about a thief that escapes from prison to live with his brother'. Cheers Telecinco, Spanish version of Cheers. Life of two families in a village of La Hoya de Alcoy in the s. Comedy set in an office in front of a coffee vending machine.

Comedy about two rich siblings that become poor and have to share flat with other roommates. Comedy about the unsuccessful business of an unemployed man. Comedy about an agro-tourism center.

Spanish adaptation of The Golden Girls. About the students of an institute. Sketches set in an elevator. Comedy about an ex couple whose members decide to live together again.

Comedy about a thief that escapesLife of two families in

The study sheds new gentle at the nature of interplay among humans and pcs and offers perception into the features of environments during which creativity might be greater. Comedy about five women who decide to live together after some problems with men. Comedy about three students who share a flat. Series about immigration in Catalonia. Mateo is a normal man with very bad luck.

Comedy about a military music group set in the Spanish civil war. The evil king Grog is always trying to steal to the Aurones their gold but always fails. Drama about a group of firemen.

Adaptations of fantasy Works of Spanish literatura. Adaptation of a Miguel Delibes novel. Comedy about a couple formed by a photographer and an actress.

Spanish version of Life On Mars. Comedy about a womanizer who one day finds a baby left in his house. Comedy set in a village of Lleida. Plots based on pieces of news. Buen agente La Sexta, Comedy about a policeman and his family.

Cheers Telecinco Spanish version

Comedy starring the bars of the test card. Comedy about two girls who go to Madrid to become actresses.