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The King of Fighters 2001

Glaugan was originally going to be used in the prequel but was instead used as an assist character. Nevertheless, the development team stated they felt Igniz fitted well in the game. One stock can be used to summon a striker, perform a guard or super cancel, a blow-away attack, or a Super Special Move. This allows the player to select which characters will they control in combat, and which characters will serve as strikers before each match. What are the true objectives of the event's sponsor?

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While performing a popularity poll based on the characters, Eolith still aimed to make the least popular teams featured in the game. New characters to the franchise are listed below in bold. But for this tournament carried out on the international stage, an astonishing fact came to light. He expresses wishes for his renegade agents to return to the organization and is soon afterward killed by Igniz, who claims ownership of the cartel.

Before each match, the player can form a team configuration of four fighters and no strikers, to one fighter and three strikers. One of the biggest changes is the optional use of Strikers where players can use between one and three characters assisting the playable one. The number of strikers on the players team will also affect the length and number of stocks of the their Power Gauge.

Kula, who was separated from the rest of her team and present at the time, also heard her origin as an artificial life form. At last, this tournament will end it all! He plunges the satellite through earth's atmosphere in an attempt to demolish his competition. Time has passed since most of Southtown was decimated by the now-destroyed Zero Cannon.

King of Fighters kept the Striker assist system from the previous two KoF games, but added a new twist to it - the ability to adjust how many Strikers a team could have. He stays on board the exploding ship and urges the Hero team to proceed forward. Like in the previous game, the battles are once again between teams of four. The high popularity of Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami led to their immediate inclusion in the game. He decides to entertain his passengers with a match and is backed up by his pet black lion Glugan, Ron, and Krizalid.

Review based on Arcade version. Fearing disappointment from returning fans, Eolith decided to maintain the most of the common parts from The King of Fighters while adding new elements to it. As soon as he's about to kill K', other fighters came to intervene and help in the fight including all team leaders, Kyo and Iori. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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List of The King of Fighters characters. Eolith took interest into developing The King of Fighters due to the franchise's popularity in Korea and wanted to please the fans of the series worldwide. This incident was reported to be the result of an artificial satellite crashing to earth, and adorned the front pages to various newspapers of countries all over the world. Foxy is also stabbed by them though her apparent on screen death is later revealed to be false. In creating new characters, snake revolution Eolith wanted an Athena-like Korean fighter.

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In the tournament finals, the Hero Team boards a special blimp that is soon revealed to be a spaceship. For example, the player has the choice to form a team of four fighters and no strikers, or even one fighter and three strikers. Brezza Soft helped Eolith in the making of the video game.

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