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Keisza nailed it and sounded like she had a ball in the process. Dolly came from a rural upbringing to reach to the top of the country music world. The song is about hard working women taking a night off from the usual grind of daily life to get out on the town.

You can probably have too much of those. When Eliza sees Mattie dancing, she is shocked and orders her daughter home, despite Gard's plea that he wants to spend his last day of leave with Mattie. Eliza strongly disapproves of racing but is unsuccessful in convincing the amiable Jess to stop.

That's who I am, a Christian. This album was distributed through Cracker Barrel. Pam Tillis released Maybe It Was Memphis and the powerful song shot straight to the country top five. The song is about a women that gives up everything in an effort to make her husband happy. An emotion that both women and men can relate to, Chains connected on an emotional level with country fans.

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Meanwhile, Caleb enters a wrestling match but suddenly quits because he thinks he has hurt the other wrestler. Throw this one on about three quarters of the way through your bash, when you need a surefire, hands-in-the-air worldbeater. The song was a huge hit for Tillis and perhaps the biggest in a score of hits for the big-voiced female vocalist. Jess takes his son home, where Eliza welcomes them.

Get through the whole four minutes without as much as a toe tap, and your soul is clearly as stale and shrivelled as a weeks-old jacket potato. Please confirm or enter it below to complete your profile. The song was a proclamation for women as they sought out some understanding from the men in their lives. Nobody could quite put the wane of emotion into a lyric and melody like the great Tammy Wynette. Mary Chapin Carpenter is still going at it today.

The queen of country music for just about a decade had tons of huge hits. Dolly is a storyteller in her purest form and the story of Jolene is a classic in country music history. She continues releasing new music while touring. Best Of Tune into the best songs and artist of the year. From the opening guitar lick, the song reminds women how great it is to head out on the town and enjoy some fun.

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It consists of a collection of mostly gospel standards with a few original songs, including its title track that Turner co-wrote. Turner was examined by the Vanderbilt voice clinic, where doctors advised him to let it heal on its own. Nile Rodgers pops up on this list yet again, this time with his own band of disco dominators, Chic.

Wynonna broke out in a huge way with her first album. Surgery was not needed, but he did have to rest his voice for a year. Mary Jackson Country woman. Kerosene let Miranda show her tough side to country fans.

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This song should be listed, like an old building. Robert Wyler Contract Writer. Except for Luther burgers.

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Relaxing Piano Plays classical and modern piano music. Shania reminded the guys out there that women work hard all day too. Please enter your information below to create your own personal account with tcm.

The song bleeds emotion and passion as Faith puts a perfect vocal on the track. Carrie takes on her self-described mean side as she sings about a past relationship she wished had never occurred. Please check your inbox for the verification email.

Undo It tells the story of a guy that stole time, energy and happiness from a girl. The song remains popular today as the sentiment stays forever relevant. Ever been hurt by someone you love? Those songs usually discuss the emotions and issues arising from falling in and out of love with a woman. Phyllis Love Mattie Birdwell.

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Hank Morland Special Effects. Frances Farwell Widow Hudspeth's daughter. Only play this if you are percent down with air guitar.

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On the last day of their trip, Jess stops at the farm of the Widow Hudspeth, whose three man-hungry daughters are delighted to have the bashful Josh and Jess spend the night. Josh has never accompanied his father before and looks forward to the adventure, despite Eliza's concerns for their safety. The next morning, after talking with Jess, who understands how he feels, and Eliza, who has urged him to pray, Josh takes a shotgun and rides off on Lady to join the home guard. The single did not perform as expected on the charts, ethical hacking techniques ebook so Turner's label decided to delay the release of the album and next single.

Shea was the soloist for the Billy Graham Crusades. How many party anthems can boast The Temptations as backing singers? Gary Cooper Jess Birdwell. Today, Dolly is an icon in music and in business.

You can never go wrong with writing a country song about cheating. Henry Kleiner Contract Writer. Emile LaVigne Makeup Artist. Workday Pop Perfect mix that will help you cruise through that work day.

Robert Gary Set Construction. How many former snipers from the Royal Canadian Navy can be credited with having written a banging synthpop tune? We defy anyone to keep their toes from tapping during this mega-hit. Fans almost feel as if Dolly was living every lyric. This is a well made, written and filmed photo play because it was to help promote Richard M.