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He also established six state-of-the-art research and development centers, five in India and one in Mexico. Automotive tires is one of them, but they also include paper, cement, agri-genetics seeds, some cosmetics, wool and textiles, rubber, automotive products and dairy products.

Performance tyres such as Michelin or Pirelli Scorpio cost about Rs. Raghupati Singhania, vice president, J. Also look for tyres that have a softer compound, which may not last long, but will give you good road grip and a comfortable ride. If you do a lot of off-road driving then you will need all-terrain tyres to get better on-road and off-road manners, which include grip and better durability.

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Tyres for the Honda City from Indian brands start at Rs. We are using more renewable energy when we can, whether it be solar or wind. These tyres have a softer compound and give good grip and low road noise.

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If you need guidance on the right kind of tyre for your car, post a query on CarToq. We are billing our customers and keeping track of the sales data on handheld devices. It starts with manufacturing, producing or putting the tire together with highly automated equipment, practically untouched by human hand, more or less. At the end of the day, if you have been able to create a market for a new product, it is a very rewarding experience.

For the Hyundai Verna, prices start at Rs. Power Asia Pacific Study, it was ranked No.

And then there are some Taiwanese makes like Maxxis which are slightly cheaper than Indian brands. And we have done a lot of that work.

We are involved in a host of Indian businesses. Hatchbacks and smaller sedans will see more frequent replacements as they have a thinner tread height and therefore wear off sooner. Buying tyres can be quite a stressful experience as the choices of brands and prices are vast. That includes truck and bus tires. Apart from running this hospital, we have healthcare programs across our plants, where we conduct medical camps for eye care and general checkups.

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This story has not been edited by timesofindia. For heavier vehicles like the Toyota Innova or Maruti Ertiga, which are people movers and need high comfort one of the best tyres on offer is Michelin Primacy that costs about Rs. Along the way, Singhania wants to take care of his employees, something his grandfather believed was essential when running a business. We find that particularly, women are the biggest victims of illiteracy.

And then there are some Taiwanese

And we negotiated, did due diligence on two or three companies. If and when they come up we will do something about it, either acquire a plant or set up a Greenfield facility, depending on the opportunity. Everything is today accessible on your handheld devices. Four of the plants produce radial passenger tires.

The government has already taken steps towards addressing the concern raised by the domestic industry. We are looking for opportunities in all these areas.

We also have started conserving water and other energy. The sidewalls need to offer some more flex to cushion the vehicle. Their criminal tendencies come from a lack of education. These tyres have low rolling resistance and are best suited to the highway. However, all-terrain tyres have more road noise and not the best for comfort.