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Which means I'll have to come in tomorrow. He closed his eyes and slumped his shoulders as the realization that both Bolt and Himawari already had their dinner and most likely are in bed by now. Hinata Hyuuga survives and becomes the last living Hyuuga. What they find, they thought was lost forever. Naruto caught her and wrapped his hands around her waist pulling them both down to the bed.

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Takes place in a tangent after the Elemental Training Arc of the Shippuden timeline. Naruto walked over to where Bolt was and bent down and kissed the top of his orange head and ruffled his hair. Because at the end of the day, she is where he comes to looking for tranquility. In return he had to do a lot of paperwork to go with those missions as well as keeping an alliance with many of the countries required a lot of paper work as well.

Bolt whined with a half-hearted protest before Naruto walked to where Himawari is and kissed the top of her head as well to which she giggled happily. Shikamaru stared back at him in boredom as he buried his hands in his pant pockets awaiting the usual whines from his boss.

Just as Hinata walked back into the room, turning off the bathroom light, they heard a knock on their now open door. Hinata lay on the couch with her hair cascading down to the floor as Himawari lay nuzzled on top of Hinata, tin lizzie saloon dating sites her head comfortably laying on Hinata's chest. Or will this turn into a who gets there first?

Locking the door behind him, he took off his shoes and tiptoed down the hallway in the darkness with only the street lights and the front porch light that Hinata usually left on guide him. The only thing he didn't like, she knew, was not having enough time for his family.

Naruto shook his head with a laugh before walking to the other side of the bed and laying down on it. The last time he had dinner with his whole family was ages ago. He blinked several times at the papers before he quietly closed the door to his room and turned back around to face his advisor Shikamaru. With a couple more steps forward he concluded that the voices were coming from his television. Which is why he will be spending all of tomorrow with his family.

Forming their own bond that causes them to become stronger. Although he had told her she didn't have to wait up for him, she tried her best so that he doesn't have to eat his meals alone.

But just because the war was over doesn't mean the world had any less enemies. He took a deep breath before tilting his more and deepening the kiss that was taking him to cloud nine. Usually the two of them were fast asleep by the time he arrived at home. But what happens after they meet? Her midnight hair sprawled on their mattress and her cream eyes showed clear happiness, add to that her melodious laugh and Naruto wondered how he ever got so lucky.

She wiped her hands on the apron around her waist and continued to stare at his tired blue eyes. When he was certain that he wouldn't be making it home for dinner, his determination to finish everything today only increased because that meant he won't have to come in tomorrow, Saturday. Bolt and Himawari animatedly told him several weeks worth of stories while Naruto listened as if he were listening to the council, giving the two all the attention he hasn't been able to give them.

Your review has been posted. Hinata finished washing and turned to her side to face Naruto as he continued to dry. But will things get in the way of their goal? Knowing full well that his family will be fast asleep at this hour, Naruto tried to be as quiet as he could be as he unlocked his front door and entered into his house. It's Friday so I let them.

On Naruto, do Naruto and Hinata ever kiss? Or date?

Hinata watched as Naruto turned his head towards the clock on the wall behind them. He understood his father's responsibilities and respected it. She soon gives birth to a hanyou son named Naruto. But she also knew how much he loved his job. The apprentice and the master.

Can be read as one story or one shots. Upon getting closer to his living room, he was surprised to hear voices coming from there.

Also some kick-ass Hinata Stories! Hinata stood at the kitchen sink with her back to him but turned around to give a smile before turning back to her dishes. Hinata's laugh disappeared giving way to a loving smile.

Being Naruto, family was a huge part of his life. She let out a squeak and tried to jump over the bed as Naruto charged at her but didn't manage to in time.

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When he finally stepped into his kitchen he got the surprise of his life. But even that sometimes wasn't enough. The three of them comes during his break and they eat together the meals they packed. He took two steps at a time as he sprinted downstairs. She worried about him every day and told him to take a break every chance she got.