He compares you to his ex one direction preferences he's dating

He compares you to his ex one direction preferences he's dating

After a few minutes you heard Liam leave through the front door, so you walked out to the kitchen to make some dinner. You didn't mean to eavesdrop, but you were walking by when you heard your name being said. You, Danielle, Eleanor and the boys were hanging out at a local pub, after a party. You couldn't help but over hear their coversation. You and Eleanor had a few drinks and were a bit tipsy.

You turn to him and shrug. You placed a fluffy white towel around your body as you walked out of the steaming bathroom. He hums gently against your skin, causing you to inch further away from him. Zayn noticed you standing in the doorway, and quickly got off the phone. You walked down the hallway toward the living room where Louis was when you heard him talking quite softly on his cell phone.

She did dancePerrie just laughed

You look down at your white maxi dress, which you paired with simple gold sandals and a mixture of gold and black jewellery. Once Liam had left Niall walked up to the bedroom the two of you shared, where you were scrolling through your twitter unamused.

You roll your eyes and place a hand on his shoulder. You took a deep breath and walked back to your bedroom where you let your tears fall freely down your face. It'd be better for your health if you tried to take better care of yourself.

He grazed his thumb across your cheeks, removing some of the dried mascara and kissed your forehead. Eleanor used to be quite subtle and brush them off without offending them. Your smile falters as you notice him staring skeptically at you.

Once Harry left you heard

You took a look in your full-length mirror and smiled since you knew Harry would love what you were wearing. You don't mind the comparison that much, you and Danielle are surprisingly good friends, but you enjoy watching Liam struggle on what to say.

Caroline was never like that. You were almost there when you heard Harry bring up your name, so you stopped to listen. You had already crawled in bed and stained your pillow case with some black mascara tears when you felt the bed move next to you. Liam and Niall were in the other room making sandwiches.

You decided to give Niall a surprise visit while he was recording songs for their new album. You put the garments on and placed the towel that was thrown on the floor onto your hair, twirling it so it would stay up. Harry quickly hung up the phone.

Once Harry left, you heard Niall walking upstairs so you stood in front of the door, striking a pose before he opened up the door. She did dance, and she even did morning runs with me.

Perrie just laughed along with them. Harry had been on the phone with Louis in the other room. Admittedly, it is more of a festive style, but classy nevertheless. You remain on the other side of the door, curious on what else he would say.