Folk Dance Video

Bath Carnival, or Kleppel's Delight. Geud Man of Ballangigh, The. Thompson to tune by Thomas Arne. David Ashworth to Doves Figary. Intepretation by Andrew Shaw.

Wright's Compleat Collection Vol. Felicitations of Rapid Motion. Fourpence Halfpenny Farthing. Playford as The King of Poland. Broom, the Bonny, Bonny Broom.

Folk dance video

Kynaston, interpretation by Andrew Shaw. Called as contra by Ralph Page. Doctor Vincent's Delight, or, Vera's Valedictory.

Scottish country dance, xml document modified by Annette Merritt into an English triple minor to Perpetual Motion. It is danced here to Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar. Kappy's Dual Porpoised Dance.

Folk dance video

Fried de Metz Herman to a tune by O'Carolan. Dan Seppler, to Farewell Marian. Duke of Kent's Waltz, The.

Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett. Thomas Bray reconstruction by Diana Cruckshenk.

Lilli Burlero, La Lirboulaire. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen. Bob Green to Lisa by Larry Unger.

John Wood, published in his collection Ross of Mull. Fine Companions Waltz, The. Sharon Green to Good King Wenceslas. Colin Hume to a tune by Brian Stone.

Madam Fifer's Inauguration. Rosemary Hunt, tune by Stephen Hunt.

Four For the Gospel Makers. Mary Williams to tune by Charlene Thompson. Colorado and All Colorado.

Bob Olson to The Butterfly Trad. Fine Lady of Homewood, The. Sol Weber as modified by Tara Bolker. Gary Roodman tune by Charlene Thomson. How Great Is The Pleasure.

Health to All Honest Men, A. Delighted Dendrologist, The.

King's Maggot, or New York. Joseph Pimentel tune by Debbie Jackson. Sharon McKinley to her tune of the same name. Playford and Cecil Sharp version.

Folk dance video

Youtube Video Links of Folk Dances (some of which we do at IFDO)

Those videos that are likely to be the most useful for learning a dance are marked with an asterisk in the listing. More than one video may be noted for a particular dance, especially for variant interpretations or reconstructions. When you are creating videos for instructional purposes consider the suggestions in this linked article.

Folk dance video

Russian folk dance

Joseph's Jig or Jovial Joe. If All the World Were Paper. Interpretation of Playford by A. Gary Roodman to a tune by Debbie Jackson. Detour, The, or Round and Round.