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But Yutaka secretly seeks revenge on her sister and he intends to exploit her again. Sir Charles returns from his long voyage and discovers his wife's intrigues. Orozco hired scenographers Cristina Martinez de Velasco and Teresa Pecannins, who managed to play all the hundreds of sets conceived on the comic book. They discover the intrigues of which were victims and decide to move to Paris.

The exteriors were filmed in Japan at the end of the recording in Mexico and then joined the scenes in the editing process. One night, Oyuki has an appointment with Lord Fushoko, where she confesses him her love to Irving. Yutaka convinces Oyuki back to dance and convinces her to move with him to Kyoto. Oyuki takes the gun and shoot Yutaka, but he flees and lies to the police accusing her sister of the crime.

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Oyuki is accused of murder and sentenced to a sentence of twenty years in prison. Sir Charles is a good man and decides to help his son.

For some strange reason, Lady Elizabeth feels a deep aversion to everything related to Japan. Twenty kimonos they were made in Japan for the extras and the rest of the cast. But for reasons of fate, Oyuki begins to be alone. Lady Elizabeth decides to change the name of the girl. She pretends to be a servant named Suzuki.

Yuriko contracted scarlet fever and Oyuki spends all her savings in the hospital. Fushoko enraged to discover that he is an Caucasian man and tells Yutaka. Yutaka intended that she uses these dances to exploit her and convert her in a ballerina in a Ryotei.

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But Yutaka disappears without a trace. When he confesses her love to her parents, Lady Elizabeth infuriates and convinces her husband not to support the Irving's plans. Oyuki is forced to give her daughter to her grandparents. Yuriko begins to live with her grandparents.

Desperate, she decides to seek the help of Lady Elizabeth, but her mother in law humiliates her and threatens to steal her daughter. Yutaka force his sister to accept the marriage proposal of Fushoko. Yutaka also reappears supposedly repentant. Yuriko accepts her mother. One of those men is Lord Togo Fushoko, a wealthy merchant and one of the richest men in Japan.

Their happiness grows when Oyuki discovers that she is pregnant. She knows that her brother Yutaka plans to marry her to Lord Fushoko. Her only friend is Sumiko, an orphan girl who Yutaka picked up from the street to keep her company. These were the most happiest moments in the Oyuki's life. One night, Oyuki dies of natural causes.

El pecado de Oyuki

The tragedy begins when her parents die from a revenge of the enemies of Yutaka. The case shocked the entire Japan. Oyuki and Irving begin a secret romance.

Believing that Irving has abandoned them, and fearful of Lady Elizabeth plans, Oyuki accepts the help of Yutaka and partly to live with him. Yutaka disappears fleeing from justice, jewish dating site usa but Oyuki refuses to accuse her only brother.

The original idea was to record the telenovela entirely in Japan, however, Lucy, after a journey of two months of research in that country, convinced Mr. She surprised everyone when she confesses that loves a Japanese man. Charles, but the ambassador takes a long holiday without his wife.

Oyuki suffers abuse from her brother. Spend weeks and Oyuki and Yuriko begins to go hungry, surviving on the charity of her neighbors. Yutaka and Lady Elizabeth come to the hearing and lie to incriminate Oyuki. An extraordinarily high budget was allocated for makeup and costumes, the Japanese makeup artist Takeshi Hazama was brought especially from Japan for the telenovela. Busting the recordings of the telenovela Ana Martin was invited to Japan, because the Japanese Emperor wanted to personally congratulate by having played brilliantly a geisha.