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Check it out, you don't need to belong to Face Book. For example, one route follows the route of the old china clay railway to Redlake in the heart of the moor, another glides delightfully by the Erme through Longtimber Woods.

They were key to the town's initial growth in the Industrial Revolution and are still importance to the town today. To the east and to the west of the river the land is elevated forming a valley. Both now largely overgrown, but intact especially below ground, you can easily see the strategic location of these fortification works. In the centre of the town a war memorial, equidistant from three of the churches, was unveiled in and each year on Remembrance Day the town holds a ceremony to those who lost their lives.

No large scaling housing has been built on either side of these boundaries. This is because of the River Erme which flows right through the centre of town. The number of days with snow falling is typically less than ten per winter.

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It still carries the mainline trains. The building was situated on the north side of the track, immediately to the west of Ivybridge Viaduct.

The bridge itself is still in use to this day taking cars one-way and pedestrians across the river. Currently the town along with the rest of Devon relies on electricity generated further north from the national grid, although Langage Power Station in Plympton is now generating. There is also a skatepark in the centre of the town and rugby pitches on the eastern outskirts of town at Ivybridge Rugby Football Club. There have been attempts to brand the town as a walking centre for southern Dartmoor.

Throughout most of the town the rock is Old Red Sandstone sedimentary from the Devonian period. It has specialist status as a sports college and has recently been given awards in science and mathematics as well as languages. More detached houses are found on the outer layers of the city on the east and on the west of the town. The spectacular video taken by Shaun Miller sweeps across the stunning reservoir which is now less than half full.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary serve the town's policing matters and there is a small police station in the centre of the town. It was the first major trunk road for Ivybridge and was bypassed at the B, which runs through the centre of Ivybridge and connects it to the nearby villages of Bittaford and Wrangaton.

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The nearest university is the University of Plymouth. Later development of the town relied on both the River Erme and the railway, which was built in the latter part of the Industrial Revolution of the United Kingdom. Sadly though, they found no evidence of a church. There is also a Evangelical Baptist church and a Methodist church. There is good access to Dartmoor from the town.

There is also an area of woodland called Longtimber Woods to the north of the town, which attracts many walkers along its riverside path. It has a water tender ladder, prime mover, environmental pod and an incident support unit. The drowned village at Burrator One of the most pervasive myths in Plymouth history is that of Dartmoor's drowned village. The fire station used to be closer to the centre of the town.

There is also a garden centre known as Endsleigh Wyevale just outside the town. Filham Park has a Cricket Club, football pitches and a fishing lake.

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The two remaining industrial landmarks of the town are the viaduct over the River Erme and the paper mill. The South Devon Tennis Centre has four indoor and four outdoor courts.

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