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Dating your quilt, dating quilts - a brief overview

It is easy to assume otherwise, but take care not to jump to conclusions. Double pink was commonly seen in quilts from the s to the s as well as the s. Dealers and auction houses are now competent to determine the value of the quilt in greater numbers than they were even ten years ago. For example, Lancaster blue consists of a light-blue print over a dark-blue background.

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How to Date the Quilt?

However, unless there is a direct connection to the maker, the dating of quilts is not precise science. It All Starts with the Style Dating quilts with accuracy includes examination of many parts of the quilts, but the process starts with one aspect and goes from there. Stitches Stitching in quilting will help not so much in dating as in locating the origin of the quilt or the maker. These fold-out condensed charts will quickly point you to a good estimate of the era in which your quilt was made and describe the style so you can find it on the chart. Fine modern art quilts and family heirlooms alike should be insured, dating depression especially if they are to be shipped to shows and museums.

There is no other quilt style exactly like it. One of those large Mid-western quilt dealer auction houses was holding an auction at a nearby hotel and I was very excited to go. Fabrics that were printed for special occasions were probably used within ten years of the time they were printed. If the stitches appear a bit unevenly spaced or different in size, the quilt was likely handmade. Instead, they made quilts out of one or two sheets of the same fabric.

The way it is made changes, but the finished look of one large star made from rows of diamond shaped pieces covering the quilt top is the same through time. This helps you to tell others about it and look it up in books.

It's tough to accurately date a quilt unless you're an antiques appraiser, but by looking for a few clues, you can deduce its general age. Many antique quilts were made in odd sizes that don't fit modern beds. So names can change for a given style. Cotton fabrics were come to Europe from India calico was plain cotton fabric, and chintz is hand-printed cotton. The style of a quilt and its pattern are not the same thing.

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Dating quilts - a brief overview

Quilts made with a satin weave have a silky, lustrous surface and a dull bottom. It is more like a mixture of detective work and educated guessing.

With paddle in hand, I was ready. The name difference is regional, but both depict the same pattern and style and the names are used interchangeably today.

On the internet, I refer to scans of full shots of the front and back and close-ups of the binding, fabrics, and quilting. If the stitches are precisely uniform in size and spacing, the quilt was probably machine-stitched. It showed wear on many of the tiny pieces in the postage stamp variation. The early settlers in America grew cotton as a crop at around the same time as the Indian cotton cloth was being imported, but they were not allowed to weave it.

Then you have a name for it and an era! Of course there is always a disclaimer with any antique viewed on-line, but things can be overlooked in an antique shop as well. It still is a beauty from a distance, but I would not have paid as much as I did for a s worn quilt. Quilts with either of these patterns may be considered antique.

Plain weave is found in both vintage and modern quilts, so it's not ideal for aging a piece. The exception was weaving for personal use and household.

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Provenance is not always reliable, even when given in good faith, or when written on an old scrap of paper attached to the quilt with a pin. Identify Handmade Quilts Most antique and vintage quilts were made by hand with no help from a sewing machine.

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Buyer beware was clearly the truth. For me, the style is usually the first place I start. Ever popular indigo and white quilt, two-color style c.

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Sometimes there is no doubt of the date, because the maker embriodered it onto the quilt or wrote it somewhereon the back in indelible ink. Thefee is usually small and added security is well worth the trouble.

It was the most I had ever paid for something so small. In the Victorian era decorative embroidery was introduced over raw edges of heavier fabrics, such as velvet andbrocade, for crazy patchwork quilts. Also popular materials in that time were linsey-woolsey linen and wool fabric and fustian linnen and cotton mix fabric.

The original copperplates were printed outlines, which were then hand painted, as India clothes were. Colors and Age A quilt's colors may help you identify its general age. Their quilts speak to them and tell their story through clues in the style, fabric, pattern, quilt stitches and sometimes stitched or inked words, names, cities or dates.

Fabrics The main fabrics used in classic quilts are linen, cotton and wool for the wholecloth quilts. Nile green, a type of pale green, was common on vintage quilts in the s through s. The cloth tag tells the name and location of the quilter, as well as the date of completion.

Running stitches were usedin northern Europe, in Provence in southern France and in Britain for wholecloth quilting. These early prints were mainly monochromatic.

Rare Civil War commemorative fabric, with and canons. There are also appraisals days held at many large quilt shows and at museums. The first time I went to an all antique quilt auction was in Southern California. If you've found or purchased a quilt, you may want to know when or where it was made.

The double wedding ring pattern, for example, depicts two interlocking rings and is thought to have German origins. Now that quilts become collectibles, sold at high prices, they must be evaluated or appraised.

The color was often paired with cream, white or dark green. Look closely at the stitching throughout the whole quilt. Many antique quilt collectors think of themselves as caretakers of historical documents, made at the hands of the needlework sisterhood before them. Certain patterns can help identify an antique quilt.

How to Tell if a Quilt Is Vintage or Antique

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