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That means it does not tell us the actual name of the city, but it's spiritual condition. By Wayne Jackson Traditionally, the book of Revelation has been dated near the end of the first century, around A.

The internal testimony is wholly in favor of the early date. But then, Daniel is told something very peculiar. No other period witnessed such moral depravity, license and wanton abandon as did the empire under Nero.

Not surprisingly, Wettstein was a Preterist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those who are looking for future fulfillment are certain to be disappointed.

Simply put, this is hear-say. How exactly was Bible prophecy fulfilled! Third, the Latin translation of Irenaeus also supports the traditional interpretation. When John said these things, he was in the island of Patmos, condemned to the mines by Caesar Domitian.

Surely it would have required more than eight or nine years for that city to have risen again to the state of affluence described in Revelation. If the book of Revelation is a book of prophecy as it claims to be Rev.

Another statement by Irenaeus seems to indicate the earlier date also. There is only one small window of time in which there were only seven churches in Asia.

Therefore, the book of Revelation must have been written before that event. Nero was in power and he gave the command to Vespasian to destroy Jerusalem. First, Jerusalem is spoken of as still standing.

There are differences of opinion as to when this book was written. He said that some of his listeners would not die until He came. Irenaeus was a church father of the second century, many of whose letters have come down to us. The end of Old Covenant Israel was at hand.

Clearly, the only reasonable view is that the harlot depicts the city Jerusalem. For that was seen no very long time since, but almost in our day, towards the end of Domitian's reign.

They are one and the same. So perhaps the book concerns itself with the Jews. In fact, the evidence for the later date is extremely strong. For it was not seen long ago, but almost in our own time, at the end of the reign of Domitian.

The book makes numerous reference to the imminence of the predicted events. Application of these time elements and allusions to events thousands of years later, and to centuries yet to come, does violence to the text. That alone should be proof enough. Thus, it is evident that Revelation was written before that judgment.

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All of this reveals a truly desperate attempt to find a reference to Nero in the text. The only difference was that Paul's generation was the reality to which the Old Testament example pointed. Sproul writes, If the book was written after A. Advocates of this interpretation also point to the language of Rev. Jesus told His disciples that within their generation, not one stone of the temple would be left on top another Mt.

The events depicted belonged to the generation of those to whom the book was addressed, the seven churches of Asia. It has been accepted by generations of people without really questioning it or examining it in light of the book itself. Moreover there is no internal evidence in the book itself upon which to corroborate this date, but much against. They never suspect that the same teachers who interpret the book wrong, date it wrong also.

In answer to this argument, we cite R. First, if John wrote this work near A. Therefore, since all of the disciples are dead, Jesus must have returned and rewarded each according to his works. Furthermore, in Revelation, He said the same thing, therefore it must be fulfilled!

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The land that would mourn is Jerusalem. Now, let's put these two passages together. Verily I say unto you, That there be some of them that stand here, which shall not taste of death, till they have seen the kingdom of God come with power. Therefore, Revelation must have been written before that time. If you date it late, you have every man's idea.

Statement Of Irenaeus This is the only evidence of any value, and it is so slight as to be nearly worthless. The seven churches of Asia, specifically, and to the church of the first century in general. First, we'll cover the late date theory. In fairness, either John or the apocalypse may be the subject. If you date it early, you have its fulfillment in God's judgment on Israel.

The spiritual conditions of the churches described in Revelation chapters two and three more readily harmonize with the late date. Revelation alludes frequently to the fall of Jerusalem.

The angel told John not to seal the Scroll. Conclusion These are not all the evidences that point to an early date of composition, but they are among the most critical and most concise. Indeed, Paul affirms that the apostasy associated with the latter times was well under way when he wrote Timothy. The oldest of these is dated to within about one hundred years of the pens of the inspired writers.

Irenaeus was mistaken in his assertion. Furthermore, the manner of death boiling in oil is consistent with the cruel deaths and tortures devised by Nero for Christians reported by Tactitus. However, the first century generation was also in an exodus. We have only to compare this vision with the parallel vision of a measuring-reed seen by Ezekiel ch.

In view of the foregoing evidence, a very strong case can be made for dating Revelation at about A. The doctrinal departures described in Revelation would appear to better fit the later dating. So dating plays a very important part in its interpretation. Rochford Why is the dating of Revelation important? Dating the Book of Revelation With the dating of Revelation, deep dating net you establish the true historical prospective.