Dating perfumes

Dating perfumes

Dating Commercial Fragrance Bottles

But, seldom do we replicate or duplicate the past. Glass stoppers that had dowels that went into corks were in use from ss. We also know that studying our history helps us to avoid the pitfalls of the past. What all these devotees have in common is the hunger for experience and to absorb and impart knowledge from every angle, from very era and how it has evolved over time. Or if only the name of the fragrance is mentioned, it helps define the lifetime of that fragrance.

Whatever their topic, they are masters or are mastering and curating as connoisseurs. You can't understand contemporary perfumery without referencing classics, but above all, many offer such beautiful experiences.

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She also helps collectors in their detective work on bottle dates by providing hundreds of photos of actual fragrance advertisements with the year in which it appeared. These were usually found on French bottles such as Baccarat. They will usually have a date on them and you can use these to compare your bottle to what is shown in the ad.

Villard, it was made during s. It wasn't until the late s that cellophane started to become a regular feature on perfume box packaging.

Finding early perfumes with cellophane packaging is very rare. Look on the base of your bottle for acid stamps for Baccarat, Lalique, Cristal Nancy or Cristal Romesnil, these markings add value to your bottle. These are very helpful in tracing the history of Bourjois fragrance bottles and go-withs powder bottles and cartons, compacts, etc. Totally not embarrassing at all. Lalique in block lettering.

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