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By mid November the locked out workers were confronted by determined employers backed by troops and special constables. What was interesting about the Pottery industry was its typical size.

Before pattern number is preceded by No. In February a meeting was held in Hanley to discuss the Truck Acts, and one of the main speakers was Joseph Peake, one of the old leaders of the Journeymen Potters Union.

They produced propaganda aimed at dividing the workers. That is to say those who produced the cups, teapots etc. None, they thought, would last more than a month. Here and there, the contest breaks out into riots.

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The union had classified employers in terms of which they thought would crack first. In one sense, this was positive. The bosses rejected this proposal and in doing so expressed their dislike for unions.

Experience since the working class has obtained the vote shows this to be false, and that although a fight on the political level, the creation of a workers party etc. Again the union had won a victory, but the bosses had sounded a warning of their willingness to fight. With the union defeated, the workers hostility turned to political solutions to their condition, in place of merely Trade Union struggle.

In September, the Chamber of Commerce refused to negotiate with the Union. Good from Oven was a system of piece work payment whereby only pieces which were alright after they had been through the initial firing were counted for payment.

In September the Chamber of Commerce

Union leaders were victimised and the union collapsed in miserable defeat. Additionally, there was a large amount of scope for clashes between the workers and employers.

Some factories were much bigger

Some factories were much bigger. There were a whole series of reasons as to why the ware might emerge from firing faulty, from faulty mixture, improper firing to carelessness in carrying the moulds to the oven. With the union defeated, the way was open for the employers to attack the workers. After Herbert Mintons death in the Minton name continued as the Company name but no Minton family member has been connected with the firm since. That the degenerescence of the population of this district is not even greater than it is, is due to the constant recruiting from the adjacent country, and intermarriages with more healthy races.

The Public Record office and the British Government tend to enforce these marks and registration numbers. Arledge, senior physician at the North Staffs Infirmary. Every Martinmas workers were hired under a contract of employment.

Each successive generation of potters is more dwarfed and less robust than the preceding one. No open negotiations took place until December, although there were behind the scenes attempts to resolve the strike. The union rejected their proposals and put forward a proposal for a committee made up of an equal number of workers and employers.

As in other industries the relationship between piecework and a wide variety of products helped to focus the attention of the operative on the determination of wages. The union held its second Annual Delegate Meeting.

Good from Oven wasWith the union defeated the way