Dating an army guy quotes

Dating an army guy quotes

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Quotes about dating an army man

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You can say the truth, that you have bad days. Those few days we spent together were wonderful, so full of love and laughter. Everyone says when they come back from basic training the soldiers have changed, and to be honest that really scares me.

No matter where the Army takes him, or how long we are not able to be together I will wait. The look he had in his eyes on that day told me just how much I meant to him.

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But I know that Im in this for the long haul, undoubtedly. Knowing that I could go and see him before he left, and take him to the airport meant a lot to both of us.

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And he will let you know that not only does he want to take care of you, he wants to let you take care of him too. Because he knows the importance of friendship, he will be a good friend to you. We have known each other since elementry just never really knew we would end up together.

One day he kissed me before he got out. But I know I love him and I am willing to wait for the day I see his beautiful face again and get to sleep in his arms hearing his heart beat and smelling his scent. In fact, he told me back in May that within a year I would have a different ring. The eight months he spent in Georgia were good. Im afraid of his pain and torment, that nothing I do can help.

His home base, his rock when he needs it. In one sense, they are one of the best at dealing with women who want both independence and interdependence. Even though we live miles apart, he has been such a big part of my everyday life. You need to encourage them, and stay positive in your letters.

We had talked about getting married multiple times before he left. We were at lunch and I saw one of my friends and went to talk to him. And that means there will be an air of hyper-masculinity any time the boys are present.

We always had a long distance relationship. We started dating after his enlistment and basic. He has been in the Army a few years and is starting his second year with the Rangers. It is not easy I see the ring on my finer everyday and I sometimes want to cry and take it off because it reminds me of him and how much I miss him.

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