How to Install ClockworkMod

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We here will held no responsible in case of any damage occur to your device. But, the only thing is, the device loses its warranty and so one should keep that in mind before proceeding to root the device.

You can install them by installing Samsung Kies. This is the answer what we were looking for our first question.

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Yes, this is possible by rooting the device and installing the custom recovery. This guide is intended for advanced users. Rooting the device will help the users to experience the latest versions and also it enhances the features of the phone.

So here it goes Disclaimer We

Although the chances are very low. But again, installing launcher consumes a lot of resources than system used to take before with stock launcher.

Similar thing is applicable in the world of Android. However, if you apply it on any other device than the mentioned one, there are high chances that you may end up with boot looping on your phone. There are few steps, you need to follow before proceeding to root your device. Well, answer to these two questions is very simple. Next, enable the debugging mode by following this path.

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How to Install ClockworkMod

So here it goes- Disclaimer We have tried our best to make this article perfect. Now, you have your phone rooted. You must have to go though each and every step to obtain the same. Once done, the device will get restarted. So, think properly and proceed further by taking the responsibility.

Now you have your phone