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The year-old used to be a Marine and served in Afghanistan. Communication is our biggest challenge at times. Not long after, he saw a Marine in dress blues. Matias during his training Suffolk County police He applied like everyone else.

On the day he was fitted for his first pair of artificial legs, he left his wheelchair for good. Snowboarding, road trips with Daniel and camping with friends. Really the only special accommodation he wanted was that he not get any special accommodations. In a few short years, Cameron has transformed himself from a crippled teen into a walking inspiration. He says his dream is to spend his life helping other amputees.

But he was determined to walk again and now serves as an inspiration to other amputees. After losing his legs, Matias said he knew if he worked hard, another door would open. The conductor called and the police called his parents.

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Have this pride going through you. He also works with other amputees to show them that losing a limb is not the end of the world. As it turns out, not even Cameron knew how strong he could be. Motivated, fun and adventurous.

Cameron either walked up and sat down, or walked up and collapsed on the tracks. He's having a good time and so am I. He ended up at a house near the train tracks and at one point that night, Cameron left the party and headed toward them. Really, Daniel has a heart and personality all his own.

As best anyone could tell, there had never been a full-time, active duty, double amputee police officer. If we argue, sometimes it can be about how we are arguing instead of the actual problem.

And as he grew older, he was popular with the girls. He taught himself to run on special feet and began to compete in events for athletes with physical disabilities. But the legs are only as good as the person who wears them and Cameron was determined to push them as far as they would go. On Friday, Matias not only graduated, he graduated class president, with a wife and daughter who were clearly proud.

His right arm was gone, and both legs were severed above the knee. And here he is, on the glorious other side of that threshold. So he went through the same exact training. His new legs are so advanced that Cameron can do things most amputees only dream of. With the right attachments, Cameron can even swim.

But for one recruit at the Suffolk County police academy on Long Island, New York, the accomplishment borders on the miraculous.

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Our work with our organization can take over at times. Amelia Earhart because she was strong, adventurous and took risks. And he answered that, too.

And after he taught himself how to walk again, the people at Hanger Orthopedics in Oklahoma City helped fit him with a pair of computer-controlled legs. The train rolled over Cameron. Whatever happened, it was pitch black, early in the morning and Cameron says he didn't even hear the train coming.

Really Daniel has a heart