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Thats right, you heard me correctly! This mod adds new skins to a load of ingame weapons, vehicles, structures and other features! It's a fitting end to an era. Please see each faction's respective page for information on individual weapon kits and loadouts. Battlefield Vietnam is a great, undeniably fun game.

No idea what the issue is. Something like good old Western movies.

Battlefield Vietnam PC Mods

We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Capturing control points allows the team to reinforce itself by enabling players and vehicles to spawn in a given area.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. This gameplay was intended to reflect the actual conditions of the war. This article needs additional citations for verification. Among other annoyances include some maps have balancing problems, such that they heavily favor one team. Eve Of Destruction Battlefield Vietnam.

Most importantly, the mod does benefit from the smoothness of the Battlefield Vietnam engine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Have you ever wondered what Wake Island or Iwo Jima would look and play like with real tropical foliage? Firebase Whiskey stammt aus dem Singleplayer Mappack B.

Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod Hands-On Impressions

They are, instead, enhanced versions that take advantage of Battlefield Vietnam's feature set. For other uses, see Battlefield disambiguation.

For instance, when taking over an objective, a capture timer will appear onscreen that indicates the amount of time that remains before you capture it. Audio options Native Notes Separate volume controls.

Critics praised the graphical improvement, vast selection of maps, vehicles, and weapons, and online multiplayer. It featured single and multiplayer modes. Airlifting vehicles is another new feature made possible by the implementation of helicopters, which can drag any other vehicle across the map to deploy for reinforcements.

Rumble in the online jungle. Also, if anyone wants to play online, the only method I know is GameRanger. Wake Island, Iwo Jima, and the Invasion of the Philippines level that was included in one of the latter patches for that game. Maps in Battlefield Vietnam are based on real battles that happened during the war, taking place in both North and South Vietnam.

Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod Hands-On Impressions


The maps in Battlefield are based on real battles and are somewhat realistically portrayed. Type Native Notes Peer-to-peer. Below are some common commands, for a more extensive list visit the TweakGuides. What's new in this updated mod?


Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. Spawn tickets also play a vital role in the success of both teams. Grab your stuff while you still can.

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Jump in and download it now! Welcome back to Wake Island. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Arsenal mod adds improved realism, historical accuracy and expanded gameplay to the Battlefield Vietnam. It also has several additions to it, such as air-lifting vehicles and, while in a vehicle, playing the vehicle's radio, which featured s music.

Page Discussion View Edit History. The game features dozens of vehicles that were used during the Vietnam War which are faction specific. The mod also features new character customization options, a flamethrower, enhanced weapons and vehicles, new animations, updated sound and music options, and more. Total Conversions Point of Existence. Or see GameSpy for universal solutions.

Battlefield Vietnam PC Mods

Battlefield Vietnam features a revolutionary form of asymmetrical warfare gameplay. Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal -Mod Update. Here is what we all have been waiting for. If an up to date version is required however, follow the steps below.

Aber vergesst nicht eure eigene Artillerie mitzubringen. Enhanced long-range armored combat. Teams also gradually lose tickets depending on how many spawn points they control. Note that other players will still hear the default music even if they use the same songs. Smoke effects are handled much better, and the overall lighting is improved, particularly in dawn and dusk conditions.

Vietnam map in just a few clicks of the mouse. This makes each faction feel different and unique.


Redirected from List of Battlefield mods. No mods were found matching the criteria specified. Utilities Lag-Fix unofficial. Combat is between the Axis Powers and the Allies.

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Now you can use iron sight for most of guns in Battlefield Vietnam. The Battlefield franchise enters a new era equipped with more firepower, modernized weaponry and vehicles, and a deeper infantry experience from the jungles to the beaches of Vietnam. Unlike its predecessor, which featured a single loadout for each kit, sap fi material Battlefield Vietnam features two loadouts per kit. Mods Nightfighers Mini-Mod.