Ariane davis dating

Ariane davis dating

This is me speaking from my heart but I think Chris needs to go to therapy first and then go from there. He is not a topic of conversation, for real.

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She likes who she likes and she says it over and over again. But no, Mimi and I never crossed that line. The only similarities that they have is that they fell in love with the same man.

Smith is one of my favorites. What angered me with Stevie is he knew how vulnerable she was. Labels are for canned food.

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She started laughing and started talking about it and she actually told me that she approached Chris. If I want you I can have you. It seemed like you guys had a real friendship. So, as much as she may try to push me the away, yells and screams but she does all that stuff to me because she knows I can handle it.

No, no, I think that labels are ridiculous nowadays. Chris told Mimi that he identified as being a boy in a female vessel but Mimi continues to refer to Chris as a she and her girlfriend. And he would always use that shit to his advantage and just shit on her. None of that going on between Chris and I.

So, yeah, we went from there. These riffs are gonna happen but men are men, and women should know that. She does, she needs to just do a complete cleanse of herself and get to the root of things, so she can figure out why is it that she is really doing this. You know there are no surprises and I love that about those three. If I wanted Mimi, I could have her.

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We rarely talkLike that sounds so stupid

You are super protective when it comes to Mimi. Chris is more of a topic of conversation.

But, instead of turning up and flipping over another chair, Ariane did her best to keep her cool as the cast discussed the relationship between Nikko and Mimi. No, because she put herself in positions too, so I stayed out of that outside of camera. This is me on and off camera. That Baltimore, that attitude, I love it.

Like, that sounds so stupid. But even she knows, really knows that she has a problem and why is it that she is attracted to these kind of guys. It seems like you are who are you both on camera and off. We rarely talk about him these days. That these women are fighting over these men.

You get a glimpse and moments of our lives. It was never buddy-buddy conversation. She had her phone the entire time.