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Ross is annoyed at him shouting off that he is coming into money and makes it clear to him to keep his mouth shut. James questions Moira on this and she tells him that Adam was born two months early and is not. Adam is annoyed and panics as the man Adam is supposed to be making sure doesn't come back until Donna and Ross is out is getting away. He confronts Moira telling her she must tell Adam the truth or he will.

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But on the day of his sentencing, Aaron and Cain ambush the prison van and break him out. Adam then arrives back at Andy's announcing that he is not moving out.

James also catches Ross in the cellar, telling Ross to stop using Adam to get back at him, Ross tells him that him and Adam will both ruin his whole life more so now. Adam helps her through the whole situation and tells her that she shouldn't be with him as he is no good for her, she tells him she wants to be with him and asks him to marry her. With Adam interested in Katie Ross puts a bet on with him to see who can pull her first, later on that day Adam and Katie sleep together.

While Adam is in prison, Moira is beimg blackmailed about his safety by Maxine, the mother to the person Adam shares a cell with. Although as he has always had everything, he kind of forgot, or never learned how to do the simple things in life like cooking, cleaning, etc. The day arrives that they have to do their job and Adam is disturbed by Aaron Livesy who has come back to help Adam and to save him from himself. Adam fights with Ross after he learns that he tried it on with Victoria.

Adam then helps Aaron run from the police bringing him to the airport where Aaron meets up with his boyfriend Ed Roberts and they go to France together. Cain brings Maxine to a shipping container to lock her in but he is interrupted by the arrival of Charity and Debbie. Adam gets out of the car and makes his way back to Emmerdale, where he meets up in the pub with Robbie Lawson.

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He tells Victoria Sugden that she was all he thought about in prison and vows he will win her back. Adam creates a scene to provkwe James, Kati then steps in telling Adam to come back home with her.

After months of trying to get pregnant, Diane pays for Adam and Vic to get fertility tests done. With Adam and Robbie getting stopped by the police, Robbie says that Adam had nothing to do with the vodka dealing and Adam gets off, he goes home with Victoria and they have an argument. Adam ends up in hospital as Moira doesn't pay the blackmailer. Cain refuses to say it and tells him if he was going to set the place on fire he would have already done it. Katie Addyman then uses Adam for sex to get back at her ex-husband Declan to prove their marriage is over.

He and Victoria moved back to Butlers to support Moira. Adam is extremely upset by this and once again thinks about taking the drugs. Katie then forgives Adam and start they going out.