Essay on Personality Development

Accommodating personality definition essay

Personality is what you seem to be. In an interview for a global team leader position, an experienced candidate, Seema, was pitted against a well-qualified and outspoken John. Seema, however took a completely different view.

Accommodative persons are always open to ideas and willing to explore. Consciously working on, and demonstrating different personalities under different conditions can be very powerful. The current role required a strong ethic of teamwork and global collaboration. When we do something again and again, we form a habit.

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His tight fists during his run for the Presidency showed his determined resolve. Role-playing will help these people develop confidence and assertiveness skills.

This ancient theory of Hippocrates has undergone many modifications but the main principle still holds good. It is often multi-faceted, and individuals display different personalities at different places and in different phases of their life. In simple words, personality is a set of qualities that make a person distinct from another.

Ultimately these habits form a particular

Personality is made up of some characteristic pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviour that make one person different from others. Ultimately these habits form a particular behaviour. They become the core of our personality.

It helps bring out a number of intrinsic qualities of a person, which are a must in any responsible position. The plane had an emergency landing and Mandela came out safe.

Character is what you really are. However, having a strong ego has the positive advantage of reacting positively to criticisms and problems. Personality is our identity, as perceived by others. People in client servicing will know it is better for business to appear accommodative. It varies by the role and situation at hand.

There is no one right or wrong personality. Finally, the superego, according to Freud, is the moral branch of personality, which goes beyond being the realistic. For example, the ego would make the person realize that there is armed security in the museum and there is no way to grab the piece of artistry from the museum. Here the art of putting across your viewpoint without hurting the feelings of others is taught.

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If they recur frequently, they become a part of our psyche. An employee will have to accommodate or give in to his boss.

Essay on Personality Development